America’s Most Deadly Export Democracy

America's Most Deadly Export Democracy

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There is an interesting newly translated book. Democracy: The Most Deadly American Exports of Americas Deadliest Export Democracy. The book was written by William Blum, an anti-mainstream expert who left his job at the US State Department in 1967 for opposing US policy in Vietnam.

He warned, America is not as many people think. To understand US foreign policy, says Blum, one must understand the principle that the United States seeks to dominate the world, and for this purpose, America will take whatever path it takes.

He then reveals the numbers, how the American domination took place. Since the end of World War II, America has:

Striving to overthrow more than 50 democratically elected governments.

Gross, interfere in elections in more than 30 countries

Trying to kill more than 50 leaders of foreign countries

Bomb population in more than 30 countries

Trying to suppress a popular or nationalist movement in 20 countries

Seventy countries (more than a third of the world's total), in the process, the United States has deprived the lives of several million people, leaving millions to life in pain and suffering, and responsible for the torture committed against thousands of others, Blum wrote .

According to Blum, American slogans and phrases can be associated with the Nazi regime of Germany. If the Nazis used the German slogan above all else then the Americans were using the same thing above all else. America wants to dominate the world.

Washington's ambition, he added, was not driven by the goal of building a deep democracy or freedom, a more just world, stopping poverty or violence, or a planet more inhabited, but more because of the economy and ideology.For the power of the American elite, one of the eternal and ultimate goals of foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any society which may be a good example for an alternative beyond the capitalist model, writes Blum.

For that reason, says Blum, there is nothing they like more than to recreate the world according to the image of America, with free enterprise, individualism, so-called Jewish-Christian values, and other things they call democracy as its main element.

Blum explained that Americans do not care about what democracy calls it, as often as the President of the United States uses the word every time it opens its mouth. What they think about is ensuring that the target country has appropriate political, financial and legal mechanisms that are friendly to corporate globalization, "he said.

One of the instruments that America uses to dominate other countries is the Marshall Plan. This, says Blum, is one of the glorious faces of American affairs in the modern era.

In fact, according to him, Marshall Plan is one of the arrows in the holster for those who struggle to re-create the world as American desires. This desire, among others, spreads a hymn of capitalist praise, opens a free market for US products, and destroys leftists across Europe who want to rise.

Through the Marshall Plan, the US sets various forms of restriction to the recipient country. All is determined by America. And the lion's share of Marshall Plan goes back to America. He then cited USAID's 1999 statement, The main beneficiary of foreign aid programs is the United States.

In his book, Blum quotes Edward Dowling (1941) an editor and pastor, commenting on: The two greatest challenges to democracy in the United States are first, the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy. Second, the chronic terror of the rich to understand it.

In the chapter What can we do ?, Blum writes, Our world is currently in great destruction, even greater if we include environmental disasters. Fascist waves Bush (and now Obama) must be stopped.

Blum's facts correspond to the writings of Joseph E Stiglitz, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize that dismantles democratic defects in the US. In his article in Vanity Fair (2011) entitled Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%) he states, that in the US only 1 percent of the elite controls no less than 40 percent of the country's wealth. In the midst of the crazy lifestyle of a handful of super-rich people, more and more of the poor and homeless.

In another article entitled The Globalization of Protest Stiglitz states: the feeling that this system has failed, and the belief that even in a democracy, the electoral process can not fix the mistakes.the richer pursuers use their wealth to influence legislation to protect and increase their wealth and) influence the political direction. They (ie, Occupy Wall Street protesters) are right, there is something wrong with our system. [] published in Media edition 124

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