An Inconvenient Sequel More Horrified from Hollywood Disaster Movies

An Inconvenient Sequel More Horrified from Hollywood Disaster, Jakarta The latest documentary from Al Gore, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, opened with ridicule from the media for the former Vice President of the United States. His documentary at that time, An Inconvennient Truth, is considered a boast that is pretentious in the name of science.

One of the things that most get blamed, is the animation that shows that one day climate change will make ground zero events 9/11 will be flooded. At that time, many laughed at this claim. But in 2012, this is proven. The location was flooded with heavy water due to the storm that hit New York.

Yes, as can be expected, the sequel An Inconvennient Truth is again showing the ferocious rongrongan climate change in the world. An Inconvenient Sequel also re-featured climate change in a way to tell, all from Al Gore's perspective. But compared to the first film that was released in 2006 ago, there are many changes that appear in the sequel. Both in terms of cinematic and film content.

In this film Al Gore recalled, that after a decade more fight for the issue of climate change through An Inconvenient Truth, he admitted to many obstacles. Especially from the holders of power in the United States.

Lobbying entrepreneurs drive politicians' moves. While climate change, is an issue considered to be detrimental to businessmen. No wonder if the movement of this issue a lot of roads in place. In this film, Al Gore showed it through members of the American Senate who closed ears about climate problems, until the DSCVR satellite should be held up because of political problems.

Sometimes scenes about these politicians make sad, but not infrequently also make a laugh amused because so absurdnya. Especially, the An Inconvenient Sequel scene featuring the man who is now the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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