Anak Papua Raja Ampat Also Need Traveling and Know Indonesia

Anak Papua Raja Ampat Also Need Traveling and Know, Jakarta Who says a Papuan child in Raja Ampat does not need to travel and know more about his country? It is then that push Agoda, as one travel agent in Indonesia, to initiate the children of Raja Ampat aged 9-11 years to get out of their hometown.

According to information received by on Thursday (10/08/2017), not only from Raja Ampat, the children from Alor, Flores and Sumbawa also participated in the program initiated by Agoda and Taman Bacaan Pelangi.

For three days, as many as 18 children perceived various other sides traveling for the first time. Yandi, one of the children admitted only know about Komodo from picture book. Yandi never imagined being able to see Komodo directly on Rinca Island. Another case with the new Passya feel swimming in the clear water of the island of kanawa though the distance is not too junc from his house.

Related to this activity, Gede Gunawan Country Director said, Indonesia is a very wide and diverse country from all sides of nature, flora & fauna, food, language and culture dialect. Spending time with children and bringing them to see Indonesia different from regions their home is a very valuable opportunity for us.

Furthermore he said, traveling is an amazing experience for young people to grow and be independent. Meeting new people and places is also an exciting experience even though they are in the places that become the main tourist destinations in Indonesia.

After 3 days together, they quickly become familiar and promise to communicate with each other through letters and other communication media. Some sparked the idea of ??getting together and traveling together someday. Surely without being watched by many adults.

This activity is part of the #agodaBaseCamp campaign that was launched last October in Indonesia. In this activity, the agoda is fully donated Rp 500 million for the Taman Bacaan Pelangi managed. On this trip the Taman Bacaan Pelangi helped the inauguration of a new library at SDN Rangga Watu which is the result of the agoda commitment.

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