Analysis of the American Revolution (1774-1783)

Analysis of the American Revolution (1774-1783)According to my analysis. The American Revolution was a rejection of American colonists against British policies that greatly hurt the American colonists.
The chronology, after the seven-year war between England and France, ended with the defeat of France and the Paris peace treaty. The contents;
* Canada and Louisiana territories to the east of Mississippi are occupied by England, and Mississippi west still belongs to France.
* France must submit all its colonies in India to the English. Because of this colonization, kondisipun turned. Most of North America from France moved to Britain.
As a result of the seven-year war that spent a lot of money on war funds, the British state's cash became empty. Therefore, Britain imposed high tax payments to the people of the colony. With reason, because the seven-year war of America became protected from the attacks of other nations because of the expansion of territory. Other policies that make it difficult for the people, oblige to sell the produce and buy the needs only to the UK. Britain also monopolized.
Disgusted by all British policies, there was a "Boston Tea Party" event that led to the outbreak of the revolutionary war. Where there are colonies disguised as Indians and hijack English tea boats in the port of Boston. The British who knew it became angry and launched an attack on Boston.
Initially the English asked Canada to help, but the request was rejected by Canada. And England actually became invading Canada. This situation became an opportunity for George Washington to set up his army tactics. George Washington at the time was his position to be America's top Revolutionary Leader.
After the emergence of Thomas Paine's "Sense Common" book that inspired the American people who had been the goal of war only because they did not want to be oppressed, it turned into a goal for "the spirit of achieving independence"
The Philadhelpia congress held money attended by 13 states of the Declaration Of Independence event. America becomes a United States of United States (USA). Also, the result of negotiations / talks / Diplomacy Benjamin Franklin. That finally made Spain helped. As well as the states that help send ammunition and weapons because it feels England is the enemy and must be avenged.
The first country to recognize American independence was France (1778). Pernacis sent Lafayette's troops. America also became stronger because it got a lot of help can not be denied that eventually England became defeated. General Cornwallis with 7,000 troops surrendered to G. Washington & Lafayette. Finally, the Paris peace treaty was held. That Britain recognizes American independence. George washington was appointed the first president of America.

The influence of the American Revolution on the Indonesian people from colonial times to the present;
* The emergence of Liberal figures in the colonial period that forced cultivation planting. (Baron Van Hoevel & Van De Venter)
The Dutch must also implement Ethical politics (political reprisals) Van De Venter who fought for the fate of the people of Indonesia. The Netherlands has been indebted to IndonesiaIndonesia. Because basically the American Revolution opened the eyes of the world. That freedom is the right of all nations bebasa of oppression and colonialism. (In my opinion)
* High human rights.
* The sovereignty of the people (From the people, by the people, to the people) is also the right to express opinions.

nb: there is a pioneering figure of colonialism, the Pilgrim Fathers. yait a group of people who seek freedom into a new world because of disagreement with the church)

I end this analysis, if there is a mistake please understand I still learn. if any enthusiasts who want to add yes please, thank you very much !!! Thankyou guys somuch. wassalam.

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