Anies Baswedan Compare Poverty in Jakarta with Regions

Anies Baswedan Compare Poverty in Jakarta with RegionsJAKARTA, – Candidate of Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan compares the poverty that occurred in the capital city with what happened in the region.

According to Anies, the poverty of citizens in the capital city is very extreme, and has a different situation with in the region.

This was conveyed by Anies Baswedan in his speech at a meeting with residents, which was held by Nurul Iman Foundation at Jalan Keamanan, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, Saturday (15/4/2017).

Anies begins by telling about his journey to the border areas of Indonesia in Kalimantan and Maluku.

According to him, the outskirts of Indonesia are still lagging behind and experiencing poverty. However, the same poverty is still found in Jakarta.

"Here the extreme poverty and the location of the capital city are poor in clean air, here in tremendous pollution," said Anies Baswedan, on Saturday morning.

Anies continued, the condition of water in the rural areas of Jakarta's poorest area. Not only that, the poor in the capital also live in a narrow residence.

While in the area, although poor, its citizens live in a vast expanse of nature.

"There (poverty) in a huge expanse, (still) have a field, have a sea, here in a narrow, living in residence 4×6 meters in size, bathroom at the end of the alley," said Anies Baswedan.

Then in Jakarta, residents also find it difficult to find a job. While in the area, Anies said that work is available because of natural resources.

According to Anies, from statistical data, there are 385,000 poor Jakarta residents of 10 million inhabitants."If anyone says Jakarta is fair, I protest," said Anies.

Anies alludes to petahana leadership that focuses more on infrastructure development. He promised it would prioritize human development.

"I and Bang Sandi (Sandiaga Uno) will focus on building human beings," he said.

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