Anime Eye Contact Lenses, Beauty Trends That Can Make Blind Eyes

Anime Eye Contact Lenses, Beauty Trends That Can Make Blind – Ladies, what's the size of a person can be spelled pretty? Every woman would be very happy if praised beautiful, and one way to look beautiful is with the help of makeup. Makeup eye becomes one of the trends this year because it can make the eyes look wider and sharper eyes.

If you are a fan of contact lenses, then you would agree if this contact lens is a support tool to make the eyes look big and beautiful. But actually this is not good for eye health. As quoted from, doctors have warned that cosmetic contact lenses that cover the whites of the eye to make the iris bigger can cause serious infections and even blindness.

Beauty trends makeup eyes by using contact lenses is indeed being crowded practiced many young women in Asia, not to miss Indonesia too. Actually, the use of contact lenses need medical supervision and care should be taken when wearing them. In 2010 alone, a FDA spokeswoman said that the risk of significant eye injury and even consumer blindness can occur if they buy contact lenses without a valid prescription or help from an ophthalmologist.

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Initially contact lenses are intended to help farsighted eyesight but become more commercial over time. Contact lenses become more diverse with many color choices and more inclined for cosmetic purposes.

Although already know that contact lenses can be dangerous, but it seems the trend of wearing contact lenses like the Japanese anime is not also receding. In America alone, the use of contact lenses that only aim for cosmetics or "eye decoration" is prohibited or illegal if without a prescription. So, still want to follow the trend and sacrifice eye health to pursue physical beauty just Ladies?

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