Anoa Fauna Typical Sulawesi Step Almost Extinct from Habitatnya

Anoa Fauna TypicalAnoa resembles a buffalo but mini body shape like a deer, its habitat is only in the Sulawesi, especially in southeast sulawesi and central sulawesi, the color is blackish brown. Anoa is made up of species, the mountain anoa its latin name (bubalus quarlesi) and the lowland Anoa (Bubalus depressicornis), both of which belong to wild animals that are very sensitive to the presence of other creatures. This wildlife is moving from one place to another where the food supply is quite and untouched by humans, since 1960 this mini buffalo is almost extinct from its habitat estimated at that time still left 5000 tail spread in some places in Sulawesi. These animals are often hunted for meat, horns and leather are sold for accessories and leather-made accessories, such as belt bags and wallets ANOA PEGUNUNGAN AND ANOA LOWER PROTECTION These two types of anoa are not much different, either shape or physical, on average heavy anoa between 150-300 Kg. Anoa breeds by giving birth to her child once a year. Between the mountain Anoa and the mainland anoa there is no striking difference, if the Anoa mainland feathers are rather blackish and appear slightly shiny and larger than the mountain Anoa, while the Anoa mountains have a slightly brownish color. Anoa mainland lace that live in the tropical forest like to eat shoots and drink salt-water, other habits of this animal wallowing, so usually found also around the swamp, Anoa often tapered its horns by rubbing stones, as a tool to face the enemy. Anoa mountains that live in mountainous forests have a habit that is almost the same as the Anoa mainland, only life around the mountains and the shape of the feathers and stature are slightly different. I NEVER MAINTAIN THIS DEATH When I was in charge of Transmigration Settlement I had an anoa child, which was given by Transmigrant Residents who happened to be looking for rattan in a mountain forest, maybe Anoa's son was left behind by his family members and found by a resident. Even though he is still a big boy, as big as a young goat, but it's incredibly nimble, everytime I feed him and feed him by feeding him he'll wriggle and kick me, even though I calm him but still can not be tamed, let's not eat minumpun susidak though I am hobby loh piara stars and birds like walnuts. After 4 days no meaningful development still refuses to eat, instead of dying I tell people to release it back to the original habitat, it is said that Anoa can not live and grow when there are people or other animals around. ANOA POPULATION THROUGH THE MAIN The anoa child I have released into its natural habitat is the last anoa I have ever seen, because after I returned to work in this animal city I never found again, whereas I lived in its original Sulawesi habitat. If at the zoo there may be but I rarely Holiday to the zoo fear the same lion. I am trying to find out about the fauna of this step, and finally I found in Hot Tread at Kaskus: From research conducted by Conservation Agency and Southeast Sulawesi Province (BKSD) resources that the Fauna Anoa step can only be found in nature reserve area in mountainous forest area lambusango Kab.Buton and Rawa aopa watumohai national park located in 3 districts of southern Konawe, bombana and kolaka, due to Anoa forest land grabs extinct from its habitat. BKSD side of Southeast Sulawesi in 2000, had tried to breed this wildlife, unfortunately this animal is difficult to breed the breeding of this business failed. ANOA NAME IS PROVIDED ON THE PINDAD MADE VEHICLE VEHICES Did you know that the Anoa Names have been immortalized for armored military vehicles PINDAD APS 3, the type of vehicle 4×4 Pindad Anoa 4 wheeled tactical vehicle 4 types of Armoured Personnel careers. Pindad Anoa 6 x 6 wheel 6, and Pindad Anoa cannon 4, armored pistols using 90 cm cannon weapon and equipped with 7.62 mm coaxial rifle equipped with VHF / FM anti jamming intercom sets and chanel hoping capability , this Panzer is also equipped with night vision binoculars (GPS night vision) GPS and weapons sensor devices. Will Anoa animals become extinct from their habitat and be replaced by armored? it is only a matter of time if the community does not stop logging and the local government does not act decisively against forest encroachment in Anoa native habitat **

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