Anoa in Sulawesi Endangered!

Anoa in Sulawesi Endangered!Anoa rare animals that exist only in Sulawesi, is now threatened with extinction due to the impact of the development of PLTA Karama. Anoa is an animal of Sulawesi people's pride that live in many forests of Sulawesi, including in the mountains of Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi Province.

With the development of PLTA Karama in Bonehau Sub-district of Mamuju Regency, Anoa wildlife habitat become very disturbed. So the Plantation and Forestry Office of Mamuju Regency of West Sulawesi Province requested that the endangered species be protected from the impact of the Karama hydroelectricity development.

Anoa is a typical animal of Sulawesi. There are two types of anoa species: mountain anoa and lowland anoa. Both lived in the forest that are not touched by humans. Their appearance is similar to a goat or buffalo and weighs 150-300 kg. Because it is so rare, anoa children will only be born once a year.

Anoa animals are inhabited around Karama hydropower development area. For that endangered species whose habitat is widely available in the location should be protected. Therefore anoa should be taken into account its habitat right now, not to be disturbed before the Karama hydroelectric project is implemented.

The plan for the construction of the hydropower plant will commence in 2011. West Sulawesi Governor Anwar Adnan Saleh has now developed a strategy to anticipate the impact of Karama hydropower development, so as not to harm the local community and the environment and the government of West Sulawesi will form a team of nine related to the development of hydroelectric power Karama.

The government must immediately act so that rare animal anoa can be protected and maintained its habitat. With the formulation of a strategy to anticipate the impact of PLTA Karama that is expected to disrupt the habitat of endangered Anoa in West Sulawesi, it is expected that anoa can be maintained and protected and will not become extinct.-

* (Source from various media)

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