Anti Mainstream, Beijing Make Dirty Air As Souvenir

Anti Mainstream, Beijing Make Dirty Air As, Jakarta A number of studies prove that inhaling smoke in some Chinese cities can shorten your life expectancy, at least 25 months. Another study found that more than 4 million Chinese citizens have been diagnosed with cancer by 2015, while another 3 million have died from air pollution.

Some innovative entrepreneurs have seen this as a money-making opportunity. Health trends that take advantage of air pollution by selling clean air to city residents who are under siege of air pollution. Some even claim the air they are selling is taken from Canada and Australia, which is certainly priced at a premium price.

However, when Chinese residents struggle to get clean air a businessman has another idea. Dominic Johnson-Hill, a Beijing-born Briton and owner of the Plastered 8 souvenir shop, decided to sell Beijing city air all over China, even abroad.

"I've seen queues to buy canned air from Canada and Australia so I think it's time to start a business in another way," he said as quoted from the Odditycentral page.

He added, Beijing city air in a can is a perfect souvenir for tourists. "What else will you bring home when you come home from Beijing?" Roasted duck? T-shirts? This can is lightweight, and easy to carry, "he said.

"You can imagine someone's face when given this tin air gift, especially if for a Christmas present," he continued. What is the price of canned air of Beijing, China, this? And why is this canned air in demand? Check out the video and the rest of the article by clicking on this link.

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