AP I have to take responsibility there is a hammer on the runway Juanda Airport

AP I haveDirector of Air Transport Directorate General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation, Djoko Murjadmodjo claimed to have received no reports related to the incidents experienced by aircraft ATR Wings Air. The aircraft was torn hammer when it landed on the runway Juanda Airport, Surabaya.

Djoko said that this incident should be followed up by Angkasa Pura I. As airport manager, Angkasa Pura I must take responsibility.

"I do not know the incident, should the foundation is clean there should be nothing," said Djoko when met at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (12/6).

Djoko suspect the hammer could have been missed and unintentional. Any reason is unacceptable. Angkasa Pura I should evaluate this incident.

"But it could also be the hammer of the plane when the plane crashed and then he fell, but Angkasa Pura I should check and we will evaluate later," he concluded.

Baldness of airport surveillance and security takes place in Indonesia. This time it happened at Juanda Airport in Surabaya. The best airport of 2013, the world-class survey institution, Frost & Sullivan, is under the spotlight because of the clean runway and endanger the flight.

Previously, the construction at Juanda Airport leaves a problem. Source merdeka.com in aviation environment mentions, on the runway Juanda Airport there are hammers and debris former construction of the foundation that is considered very dangerous for the flight.

"It happened yesterday afternoon at around 11:00 am This is due to negligence and very dangerous," said the source merdeka.com, Thursday (12/6).

The unfortunate fate of ATR Wing Air airlines. This incident has actually been delivered by AirAsia pilots who see something on the runway. The pilot told ATC. AirAsia aircraft can avoid. But the ATC ignored and let the ATR Wings Air plane landed.

"Behind AirAsia went straight to ATR's Wings Air, hit the fuselage, in the middle of the runway where the worker's stuff came in. It's got a torn plane," the source said while showing the photo. [noe]

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