Apple Accept Swap Add iPhone Damaged with New

Apple Accept Swap Add iPhone Damaged with NewThe quality of products made by Apple is no doubt. Including the iPhone. Starting from a cool design, as well as sophisticated features make this smartphone very popular by many people in the world. However, as a gadget that is used everyday, the iPhone is not free from various misfortunes and damage. Especially on the screen, buttons, and camera. If you have this, the iPhone users must be thrown. Want to dibenerin but big cost, sold not sell, buy new also expensive. Well, it turns out Apple Store has a new program, loh! Well, now!

Apparently, this strategy is run by Apple to boost sales of new iPhone series, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Understandably, the sales of both products are still low and not according to Apple's expectations. Most likely, there are still many people who own the previous iPhone series, and keep using it until now. Probably also, the price offered by Apple for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus products is still very high and yet affordable.

Hence, with a program called Reuse and Recycle this iPhone, Apple hopes the owners of damaged iPhone devices will be interested in buying the latest iPhone series with low prices. Actually, Apple's program is similar to a trade-in program in general. That is, Apple will give some money to buy a broken iPhone. The money will later be used as additional funds to buy new iPhone devices. iPhone 5s will be priced at US $ 50 (approximately USD 684 thousand), iPhone 6 priced US $ 200 (approximately USD 2.7 million), and iPhone 6 plus valued US $ 250 (approximately Rp 3.4 million). It is also expected to encourage iPhone users to buy new products, rather than having to fix their smartphones many times, at a high cost of course.

However, unfortunately not many shops that serve the exchange program added this broken iPhone. Only the official Apple Store stores in the United States that have enforced this program. So, for you who want to exchange added broken iPhone with new, can not if in Indonesia. In addition to this added exchange program, Apple also provides screen protector screening service alias screen protector for iPhone devices. They have worked with Belkin and have placed a screen protector machine in some of his stores. You can see the iPhone screen protector installation process in the following video:

Apple Iphone 6s

Rp 6.999.000

Specifications Compare
GadgetSpec by

Apple Iphone 6s Plus

Rp 13.499.000

Specifications Compare
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