Apple CEO Wants Hoax Treated like Global Warming

Apple CEO Wants Hoax Treated like Global Warming

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Apple CEO, Tim Cook, expressed his opinion about the spread of false news alias hoax lately lately. He said the impact of hoax no less dangerous with global warming aka global warming.

"It (hoax) kills the minds of mankind," Cook said, as reported by Cnet and compiled KompasTekno, Sunday (02/12/2017).

Hoax and global warming are assessed equally to attack the international arena, not just in certain regions or countries. Cook advises that hoax handling should be as serious as global warming.

"There should be a massive campaign in various sectors (related to hoax eradication)," he urged.

Known, hoax lately fatal impact when entering the political sphere. For example, in the US election 2017. The rapid flow of hoax news assessed influential in the election results, in which Donald Trump elected as President of the United States.

In the country, hoax news was a lot of milling after the election of regional heads simultaneously. Service providers such as Google and Twitter claim to have not been able to eradicate the spread of hoax on their platforms.

Eradication of hoax early on

The eradication of hoax, Cook said, is not just the responsibility of internet and government services, but also all parties in various sectors and the general public.

"The eradication of hoaxes should be instilled early in schools and in the public sphere," he said.

"Children are the easiest to educate.At least before a certain age, they hear more and understand," Cook added.

Furthermore, Cook boasted that the technology industry should be able to create tools to eradicate hoaxes. It does take time, energy, and more investment, but he believes it will be useful for the lives of future generations.Read: Fish Tongkol and Hoax Dyslexia: Concocting Lies for Sympathy

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