AQUA Cares to Preserve the Source of Clean Water

AQUA Cares to Preserve the Source of Clean WaterWater is a very important need for our survival. In any activity we need water, from getting up to bed again. In fact, even though we do not eat all day but if we can still consume water then our body is still strong for berkativitas. And if our bodies lack water then the body will feel weak and will easily hurt.

Water in the body serves to provide lubricants in joints and soft tissues, filling in all the cells and small holes in the body. Even water can be used as a health therapy for the healing of various diseases

The question is whether the water we drink healthy or not? Because, although visible clear visible water that we drink is not always healthy. So it is not safe for our body.

Nowadays to get clean and healthy water is very difficult. The trees were cleared and the land has been transformed into housing, skyscrapers and factories. So as to produce air pollution, soil pollution, water pollution and production of clean and healthy water is reduced.

Hazardous water contains minerals, metals and inorganic compounds that can not be used by our bodies. Consuming contaminated water can make the natural cleaning function in the body disturbed. As a result, health problems increase because when the pollutants increase in the blood vessels, joints and organs in our body.

Anyone already knows that water is the source of life but in reality there are still many people who have not or do not care to preserve the water. There are still among us still throw garbage carelessly so that it can create a dirty river that eventually makes the river water becomes turbid and smelly. The dirty, contaminated river water with the toxins seeps into the soil and is finally taken back with the pump to use. Finally the water we drink is not healthy.

Water is a natural resource that is renewable. If upstream in mountain forests is well preserved, the tree roots that function to open the pores of the soil in order to absorb rainwater and in the catchment in the catchment area.

Aqua a company in france has a commitment to preserve and balance nature so that the hydrological cycle is not disturbed and damaged from upstream and downstream. Efforts are made by doing reforestation of the mountain slope so that rainwater can be absorbed properly and stored into ground water.

Since 2006, through a large aqua sustainable program by inviting all stakeholders to implement community-based activities in access. Clean water and healthy environment, conservation and environmental education, as well as organic farming and sustainable water resources management.

In 2009 in West Java, more than 150 aqua employees were involved as volunteers to plant 100,000 trees together with the "Hejo Daun" peasant group to rehabilitate about 40 hectares of forest land through a pesantren-based conservation model.

On March 22, 2015 we commemorate the World Water Day with the theme "Water and Sustainable Development". And according to Unicef ??data, 2014 "One in six children in Indonesia still does not have access to safe drinking water, our country is also listed as one of ten countries where two-thirds of the population does not have access to drinking water".We all can actually make efforts to maintain water quality and the availability of clean water. As long as all of us want to keep the environment together by not cutting the forest wildly and not littering in our environment.

To make water absorption better, we can leave the land around our house to be left open so that when the rain comes the water will seep into the soil. Besides, the open land is planted with trees so that the roots of the plants will open the way for more water to seep into the soil. Do not litter the surrounding environment with garbage containing hazardous materials so that the soil quality becomes worse which will certainly worsen the quality of water that will be managed by the soil.

If Aqua alone can keep the environment clean, whereas Aqua use water from nature to be processed into bottled water. So actually we can also keep the balance of nature so that we will feel its own benefits that the air becomes clean and ground water to be healthy.

Come on, we start thinking and doing the movement of saving the quality of clean and healthy water around us. Who else will start this movement if it does not start from us. @ yos

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