Areas that are wasteful of subsidized fuel

Areas that are wasteful of subsidized fuel

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Fuel Petroleum (BBM) subsidized as Premium, kerosene and Solar become the topic of conversation lately. Because, until the first quarter of 2012 has many areas whose fuel subsidy quota has been broken. In fact, for premium almost all regions in Indonesia experience overkuota. Likewise for diesel fuel also almost always exceed the allotment.

From the data of BPH Migas received by, the area experiencing the highest premium fuel overkuota is DKI Jakarta which experienced an overkuota of 35.26 percent, Banten 12.26 percent, West Java 17.77 percent, Riau Islands 16.22 percent, Bali 10.92 percent, West Kalimantan 16.65 percent and South Kalimantan 10.59 percent, with total overkuota in the first quarter reaching 9.07 percent.

Meanwhile, for diesel fuel consumption is also very high, namely North Sumatra 14.47 percent, West Sumatra 10.19 percent, Riau 13.51 percent, Jambi 11.52 percent, Bengkulu 10.15 percent, Bangka Belitung 14.37 percent, Central Kalimantan 11.46 percent and South Kalimantan 10.61 percent, with total solar overkuota in the first quarter reaching 6.34 percent.

The cause of the premium bobolnya in the capital of the country due to the growth of motor vehicles and four-wheel vehicles that reach 850,000 vehicles per year and the growth of motorcycles to reach 900,000 vehicles. "There are causes such as additional cars and motorcycles far from forecasting that is 850,000 additional motor and 900,000 cars," said Jero some time ago.

Regional officials in Kalimantan also raised the same reasons, high vehicle growth, to ask for an additional 60 percent subsidized fuel quota (BBM) due to long queues that cause damage everywhere and potentially fuel shortages.

"The condition is getting worse, the long queue and our regional heads in Kalimantan agree to ask and urge the government to increase quota of subsidized fuel from 7 percent plus 60 percent of the quota," said South Kalimantan Governor Rudi Arifin.

Meanwhile, the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) is tasked to distribute quota of subsidized fuel as much as 40 million kl to all regions in Indonesia each year. According to BPH Migas Ibrahim Hasyim, the subsidized fuel quota has been set in the 2012 Revised State Budget with a quota of 37.5 million kiloliters with additional reserves of 2.5 million kiloliters. "From that number, it has been determined per region by looking at the previous consumption data and its growth forecast, then an additional 2.5 million kiloliters also we have a breakdown," he said to in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/5).

On the contrary, PT Pertamina (Persero) said the quota of subsidized fuel oil in Kalimantan has been overkuota until May 20 reached 12 percent. With premiums already passing quota of 21.8 percent and Solar 10.3 percent.

Pertamina's Marketing and Commerce Director Hanung Budya Yuktyanta said the overkuota is because there are huge population growth in Kalimantan area and migration to Kalimantan so the need for PSO fuel increases.

"The growth of 1 year can grow 15-20 percent.In addition, the need was, in Kalimantan is very real PSO fuel used by the mining sector," said Hanung.

According to Hanung, gas station customers in Kalimantan are mostly trucks to transport coal and there is also channeling to small kiosks owned by traders in the hinterland so that people find it difficult to get subsidized fuel. "This is a bother, there are phenomena like that," he concluded.[rin]

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