Army General would be bribed Rp 20 M by a weapon broker

Army General would be bribed Rp 20 M by a weapon brokerProcurement of the main weapon system equipment (alutsista) TNI so the target of brokers to join in. They intend to inflate the price of weapons for personal gain. The brokers also offered billions of dollars of money for the generals to cooperate.

One of the actions of the arms brokers is told by former Army Chief of Staff (Army) General Purn Pramono Edhie Wibowo. At that time the Army intends to order binoculars or a shotgun for the SS2 assault rifle produced by PT Pindad.

Pramono was surprised when one of the agents offered binoculars at a price of Rp 30 million per unit. Whereas the price of one unit of SS2 weapon at that time was only Ro 9 million.

"Oddly, the price of binoculars is more expensive than the price of weapons," said Pramono Edhie.

The story is written in the book 'Pramono Edhie Wibowo and Blueprint of Indonesia Ahead' by Rajab Ritonga and published QailQita in 2014.

Encouraged by curiosity, Pramono sent his men directly to the manufacturer in the United States. Apparently the price is only Rp 9 million. But the factory does not want to sell directly to the Indonesian government because it already has an agreement with the arms broker who has been appointed in Singapore.

Not lost sense, the broker then persuade General Pramono to be willing to buy binoculars at a price of Rp 24 million.

At that time the Army will buy 500 binoculars for 1 battalion. Though there are 100 battalions that require the viewfinder. So the total of the army needs 50,000 binoculars. Pramono was promised to be able to commission more than Rp 20 M.

But Pramono claimed not to be tempted by the offer of the weapon broker. He also claimed to want to erode corruption of TNI alutsista that harm the country.

Pramono Edhie is the son of the legendary commander of RPKAD Sarwo Edhie Wibowo. Sarwo had once advised his son and daughter-in-law.

"Go with one suitcase, go home also keep one suitcase," said Sarwo. That is clear, never take anything from rank and position. It proved Sarwo, until the end of his life he had no private home. [ian]

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