Aroma Kemuning Enchantment in the Morning

Aroma Kemuning Enchantment in the MorningKnow yellow right? This plant body in the front yard of my house and the fragrance was like incense that spread to the side and front of my house. Kemuning or latinnya Murraya paniculata including tropical plants and can reach 7 meters high and the flowers are always there all year, fun right ??? . Usually found at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level with the characteristics of the plant as follows:

1.Berupa large branched shrubs 3-8 meters sticks hard and not prickly.

2. Compound leaf with odd fins with 3-9 leaflets and its location is intermittent. The surface is smooth, shiny, green and when squeezed does not smell.

3. Flowers are also cluster-shaped compound with 1-8 white war and out of the armpits of the leaves or tip of twigs, and fragrant.

4.Buni fleshy round or rounded round egg, fruit that is young green and its color after the old red shiny and seeds two.

Chemical substances in yellow plants, such as the leaves there are methyl anthranilat, caryophyllen, carene, eugenol, cironellol, osthol, peniculatin, bisabolene and cedineen and at the border there is high scopoletin. These chemicals are used as the main substances that are processed to become traditional medicine.

Benefits of Planting Kemuning

1. Smooth the skin. From 30 g leaf washed and pounded until crushed and added one glass of clean water and the material was lulurkan on the skin before bed.

2.Melanckan menstruation.

3. Urinary tract infections. 35 gr of yellowish leaves added 3 cups water and boiled until the water is left half and filtered after the cold. Drink 3 times a day each glass.

4. Treating toothache. The oil that comes out of the previously burned yellow stems is dripped into cavities.5. Treating boils. Root dried yellow root 30 g cut-pootng and boiled with 3 cups water until cooking water remaining one cup and filtered, Taken twice a day each glass.

This yellow plant I got from my mother's house, I got a small plant that I brought to Cirebon and I planted in the corner of the front yard. Can also with seeds in planting. Sometimes the seeds fall to the ground and form a new plant under the parent plant. I only know that the flowers have a fragrant aroma. When flowering first flower to meet the plants so cover the leaves, so that looks just white color only. First I do not know if my flowering flower but in the morning flowering I was surprised the scent and smell like a dead person, so I was a little goosebumps, because at that time my father just died, so I thought my father would meet me because before death father came to me entrust mama through dream . Frightened, so I went back to my room and curled up in my room, so that day I did not make breakfast, did not clean up. When my husband woke up, he sent me forward and saw the flowering yellow flowers, Sure enough, the fragrance was strong. In fact, I was scared just because of the smell of yellow flowers. Finally that morning all boiled indomie breakfast.

Some of my neighbors are waking up early, because some have to go to the market, because they have food stalls and some have kiosks in the market. So when yellow flowering and passing my house, they deliberately walk fast, because fragrance is like the fragrance of the flowers that existed when people died. Serem said they were !!!! But some of the neighbors say they like the fragrance because when they open the window when the morning smells and very refreshing, he said do not need to use the room deodorizer again.And the most I like is to keep it not too complicated, easy and indeed this plant is heat resistant so for the weather Cirebon the heat is perfect. So you can imagine my yard filled with plants that are not flowering, and the white flowers appear beautifully emerging among the green of other plants, looks beautiful. So it can be tried for friends who live in hot areas, yellowing deserved to be recommended for planting in the yard of the house, in addition to beautiful, fragrance it and can share the scent with neighbors.

The flowers are white with yellow pistils

Looks Kemunig plants that have high white flowers visible

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