Artist, The Meaningful Word is Different from the Kira People

Artist, The Meaningful Word is Different from the Kira PeopleIn an English class, some students are divided into groups and they are told to write a topic on a small piece of paper their lecturers have given them. What they write will be a short discussion topic in their respective groups. After writing the topic, they exchanged papers and discussed the recipients' opinions about the accepted topics. When a student sees a writing artist, he immediately asks the author what the topic is artist or celebrity, because the topic discussed relates to the world of celebrities. Hearing the conversation, the lecturer also expressed his opinion. He argues that the word artist has a deeper meaning.

While in the community, there are many people who misconstrue the artist as a famous person, so the media spotlight, and rich. In fact, the definition of artists according to KBBI itself is an art expert; artists, artists (such as singers, film players, painters, dramas).

A true artist must have a high artistic spirit. According to the author, the soul of art is a free spirit of expression. In the work, true artists imagine freely and pour their hearts and minds into a container called a work, in the form of paintings, sculptures, songs, etc. True artists will continue to work, no one demands that they do what they do not want to do. They work freely for their own desires.

Just like a true artist, artists who imagine many people also work. Even so, they are always more demanded by the public and the media to become ideal figures because almost every time their behavior is noticed by the public as the object of research. Wherever they go, the media always follow. Wherever they are, people will pay more attention to their behavior than ordinary people. Whatever they do, even personal things like habits, always plays on TV screens, computers, and newspapers for community discussions. Therefore, they are more required to act according to the demands of society when compared with the true artist.

Freedom is what distinguishes true artist with the artist that there are many people imagined. They are like birds that fly high and free in the sky. Fly here and forth on their own will without anyone blocking.

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