Arya Ondrio, Young Achievers Inventors of Zeolite Stone Benefits

Arya Ondrio, YoungNot just physically cool, this young man has a pretty dilute brain. The proof, at a young age, M Arya Ondrio (20) has been able to examine the usefulness of zeolite stone to overcome the limitations of the number of trees that are increasingly diminished, in overcoming the problem of pollution.

Arya reveals, if this zeolite stone can function as stomata and chlorophyll as contained in the tree. It was not hard for him to find these rocks. Because, this type of zeolite rocks can be found in the aquarium, which is certainly sold in many shops ornamental fish seller.

It is not easy for Arya to do this research. It took 4 more years, to really make sure his invention was useful or not for the general public.

"Not only that, even I have to study the 80 variants of stone and plants, until finally I found the zeolite stone as the main media of this research," said Arya, who has just served as Gren Ambassador HiLo 2013.

This is expressed by the teenager born April 2, 1993 to the team Health, while visiting the building SCTV Tower, Senayan City, South Jakarta, Friday (20/09/2013)

The reason Arya chose zeolite rocks because this type of rock is very easy to find. In addition, the price of one bag of rocks is not necessary to look too deep. Only Rp 3 thousand only, these stones can be used in a period of 1 to 3 months duration.

Another reason to use this zeolite stone because it has 4 molecular atoms is quite unique.

"But from the silicon atoms, the atomic oxygen, the aluminum atoms, only 3 will be filled, and the empty one, which will capture carbon dioxide and release oxygen," he added.

For the process itself, Arya claimed to be assisted by a tool capable of reducing negative compounds. Thus, the process runs approximately 8 hours. "After he catches, he will process chemically with these ziolite rocks," he explained.

"It looks like a tree," he added.

The reason for doing researchWhile still sitting in elementary school (SD), Arya must move from one city to another. Counting, there are 6 cities that ever ditinggalinya, ranging from Depok, Jakarta, Jambi, Padang, Solok and Batam. Although the cities are different, in fact they all have one problem the same, the global warming that is getting more and more severe day.

"Including the texture of the region, for example in Jambi, although it is sub-tropical and has many forests, but Jambi is hot with Jakarta," said Arya.

The effects of global warming like this is felt very real by the first child Ondrio couple and Sukma. According to him, no need to measure other surfaces and other things to see the occurrence of this global warming. The effects gained in everyday life can be felt to see such conditions.

"It takes real action that is sustainable, sustainable, and involves all the elements that can later be used throughout the wider community," Arya said.

Already 3 prototype tools produced by Arya. For household, industrial, and mask needs for the general public.

Of the 6 cities once occupied by Arya, Batam was the one who felt quite severe associated with air pollution.

"Batam is an island that is very close to sea water, and the forest was much cleared for the industrial area. And this is really bad," he explained.

Until now, prototype tool created by Arya is still in patent process, and is in research body to be tested.

Bulk Produced Tool

When later this tool has been mass-produced, people only need a fee of Rp 300 thousand to be able to have this tool. Fortunately, this tool can be used in a period of 5 years.

"The material is very cheap, only Rp 3 thousand, and it can be used for 1 to 3 months, it takes about Rp 20,000 a year to buy the stone, the benefits are great, it can breathe free air," he explained.Arya went on, the target for his creation tool is the household. Because, much happening in the household that unwittingly have a negative impact on life in the household itself.

"The polution comes from a washing machine, and a kitchen, so that if every home uses this tool, it will produce oxygen instead of carbon dioxide again," said Arya.

For people living in densely populated areas such as Jakarta, it seems that the mask that Arya will create has a huge use. Moreover, for people who daily use motorcycles and ride the train.

"The mask is not only protective, but also can provide the income effect of oxygen," he explained.

Thanks to a number of achievements that have been achieved, many parties with open hands to cooperate with him. Call it the University of Indonesia (UI), National University (UNAS), University of Pancasila, and others. As a result, various experiences were felt by Arya.

For other achievements, do not ask. Neither national nor international scale ever. As a finalist of I-SWEEEP Olympiade, Texas, USA, and a graduate of science environmental scholarship in Texas.

Arya has also earned the title of an innovative researcher in Southeast Asia version of SSYS Olympiade, Malaysia. He has also been an Indonesian representative at INESPO held in the Netherlands in 2011. And finally, Arya has been awarded as a dedicated volunteer of U.S Dept of State, USA.

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