Asops Kapolri asked for forest fire case no SP3

Asops Kapolri askedAsops Kapolri, Insp. Gen. Pol M Iriawan led an apple of Integrated Task Force on Forest and Land Fire Prevention and fire location in Ogan Ilir District, South Sumatra, Tuesday (15/8). Iriawan appreciates TNI and Police in the province who have a strategy of anticipating karhutla.

According to him, there are several advantages contained in South Sumatra. For example, South Sumatra Police is the only police institution in Indonesia that has a hotspot control tool that is directly connected to the satellite. Thus, any hotspots or hot spots can be monitored until finally done blackout.

"Just in Polda South Sumatra there are hotspot monitor screen from Lapan and NASA.This way is effective to know the fire," said Iriawan.

Assessed quite powerful, Iriawan claimed to want to imitate the way the South Sumatra police chief. He wants to create a similar screen in his room so that he knows quickly about developments in karhutla-prone areas.

"I want to make it too, I'll borrow an IT expert from here (Polda South Sumatra) to make in my room.This week is over," he said.

In addition, he said, he appreciated KOREM 044 Gapo Palembang which made BIOS 44 as an easy step to open the land without burning. BIOS 44 can also increase the production of agricultural land because it is not chemical.

"I ask to be developed so that it can be used throughout Indonesia, the evidence is clear," he said.

The former Metro Jaya Police Chief also ensured that all files of the karhutla case would be processed and ended in court. He does not want some cases of SP3 primarily from corporations due to lack of evidence.

"There are some cases in SP3 because there is less evidence, I do not want it to happen again, everything should be processed," he concluded.

Previously known, Riau Police issued Letter of Instruction (SP3) to 15 companies in case of forest and land fire (karhutla) in 2015. National Police Chief Tito Karnavian asserted in the future all Polda should not issue SP3 related Karhutla case that happened.

"The alleged corporate burning of forests should not issue SP3," said Tito at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (LHK), Jakarta, Wednesday (7/9).Tito said to issue SP3 on karhutla case, Polda is required to consult first with Polri Headquarters. So that later Police Headquarters would do the title of the case involving Propam, Divkum and the Ministry of LHK to decide whether or not the case of Karhutla was SP3. [msh]

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