ASUS ROG G20AJ, Energy-saving Gaming PC with MONSTER SPEAK!

ASUS ROG G20AJ,Gaming PCs with high specifications are now getting attracted by the public. Gaming PC users in Indonesia are also increasing. They are high-class gamers and graphic designers who need a PC with high specifications in running their daily activities. They tend to want the maximum performance and speed of the latest PC components. Seeing these conditions, ASUS set up computers with high specifications but still save energy. This is ASUS ROG G20AJ, Energy-saving Gaming PC with monster specifications.

"The addition of new models from the desktop PC ROG line is proof that ASUS keeps strengthening its position in the gaming segment in the country," said Juliana Cen, Country Product Group Leader, ASUS Indonesia. "ROG products not only rely on high specifications, but also equipped with various latest technologies to provide the best quality for the _extreme gamers, _" said Juliana.

ASUS ROG G20AJ equipped with Intel Core i7-4790 quad-core processor and TurboBoost equipped with a maximum speed of 4 GHz. The motherboard with H97 chipset supports up to 16 GB of RAM, and has been fitted with NVIDIA GTX780 graphics card. ASUS ROG G20AJ also features a 3 TB hard disk and 256 GB SSD. To muffle the excess heat from the components inside, this PC features a dual fan as well as a separate thermal air discharge.

ASUS ROG G20AJ also features Intel-Ready Mode technology that can save power consumption up to 75% or only 10 Watt in standby mode. In addition to energy-efficient, this form of PC Gaming also looks very cool despite the mini size. If you have any other info or opinion about ASUS Gaming PC ROG G20AJ, please write in comment column below.

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