Atambua Surya Friendship Basketball Competition

Atambua Surya FriendshipCitizen6, Atambua: In teenagers, especially high school students at this time the enmity and even brawl between high school students can not be inevitable. In big city Jakarta, for example, brawl between students becomes a new trend and has become a general meal of mass media and electronic media featuring high school students with one group of other high school students with fierce beat and even finish off the students from other schools.

This phenomenon is not only happening in big city in the same class of Jakarta but also penetrated to region kepelosok although not to cause big impact of chaos. As in Atambua for example, there are also frequent fights between students who can damage the image of education in the country, especially in Belu with the right of non-haktaek embarrassment rights which means mutual respect and respect.

In order to establish the friendship between schools within the diocese of Atambua, SMAK St. Francis Asisi Surya Atambua as the organizer held a match event, namely Surya Friendship Basketball Competition. This activity was attended by eight schools, namely SMAK Surya Atambua, SMPK Santo Yohanes Donbosko Atambua, SMA Stella Gratia Atambua, SMA Taruna Fatubenao, SMA Seminari Lalian, SMPK Xaverius son Kefamenanu, SMAN I Atambua and SMAN I Kefamenanu. The event was followed by ten basketball teams that took place on the SMAK Surya Atambua basketball court from 12 November to 18 November 2012.

Brigita Leonaya Abui or who is familiarly called Gita as one of the committee of this activity to the author revealed, "This activity has deep meaning, namely to build cooperation and friendship because through this activity can build a good sense of brotherhood between each school, In addition, the fifth child of six brothers Romanus Abui and Yasintha Nona also added that in the future this activity will continue and continue.

Meanwhile, one of the participants from Surya B high school team, Andre Tantry Bintura to the author said, "This activity for me is very stressful, because not only skill fighting but also healthy muscle race through the game, said social class II students. again added should every school to think about how to make every school does not happen brawl but friendship, he said.

In the opening match attended by Father Benyamin Seran Pr as principal of SMAK Surya Atambua, Drs Vinsensius Loe as chairman of As Tanara educational foundation, and Wilibrodus Lay as the main sponsor of this activity. In a one-week match, Surya A team became the first winner and won trophies, certificates and money of Rp 1 million. The second winner was achieved by SMAN 1 Atambua basketball team by winning trophies, certificates and money amounting to Rp 750 thousand. The third winner is achieved by SMA Stella Gratia by winning trophies, certificates and money amounting to Rp 500 thousand. While for the 1st runner up by B solar team with trophies and certificates.

The festivities of the matches that take place every afternoon during the week starts at 16.00 WITA and ends at 22:00 pm night. The presence of supporters from every school makes the atmosphere to be crowded. Moreover, coupled with the support of supporters of each school. It is here that students make friends and build solid partnerships without fights and hostilities. This activity was attended not only by schools in the city of Atambua but also from out of town, such as Kefamenanu who was present by sending his team to attend this activity. (MF).

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