Attorney General Corrections Statement on Land Execution DL Sitorus

Attorney General CorrectionsJakarta – Attorney General HM Prasetyo has corrected his remarks on the new executor who executed a 47,000 hectare oil palm plantation administered by Darianus Lungguk (DL) Sitorus at Register 40, Padang Lawas, North Sumatra.

"There is no administrative term, it is wrong, so I want to rectify that the DL Sitorus case, 40,000 hectares of evidence, has been handed over to the Ministry of Forestry," Prasetyo said at the Attorney General's Office in Jakarta on Friday (5/22/2015).

He said that with the handover of the 40,000 hectare oil palm plantation to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the task of the AGO as executor has been completed because the execution has been done administratively and physically as well.

"So the prosecutor has finished his task, that until now controlled by DL Sitorus, it still controls the land, it is not our business, we do not know the other calculations, we will ask for an explanation," he said.

On May 10, 2015, Prasetyo said it executed administratively from the Supreme Court's decision on DL Sitorus. "The AGO has actually carried out its administrative execution, living physically (not), of course," he said.

In this case, in 2009 the Supreme Court rejected the request of Judicial Review (PK) DL Sitorus as President Director of PT Torganda. MA still mevonis 8 years in prison or in accordance with the decision of cassation.

The Supreme Court handed down the verdict for assessing DL Sitorus abusing the authority of the Register 40 forest area in Padang Lawas, North Sumatra. In addition to criminal confinement, the Supreme Court also impose additional criminal penalty of Rp 5 billion subsider 6 months in prison.

Even the Supreme Court also ordered 23,000 hectares of oil palm plantation area in Padang Lawas, North Sumatra controlled by KPKS Bukit Harapan and PT Torganda, and 24 thousand hectares of land in the same area controlled by KPKS Parsub and PT Torus Ganda, seized by the state, in this case the Ministry of Forestry. (Ado)

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