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Weather Is Crazy Here, 6 People in Power It’s Still Aja Think Global Warming That Hoax

Image source: In the midst of an increasingly visible world of signs of destruction, there are still many who deny the existence of global warming. Their reasons vary. From start due to personal and group interests

Weather in Medan City

Image source: The word weather has often we hear in our daily lives. The weather can be interpreted in the opinion of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) is the state of air or atmosphere

Ways to Reduce Pollution Caused by Motor Vehicles

Image source: Motor vehicles are one of the factors that cause greenhouse effect and climate change. Motor vehicles using fuel oil can produce gas emissions that can cause air pollution and even gas emissions generated by

Ways To Know What You Can Be Happy In Your New Workplace Later

Image source: If you just resign from your current office and are looking for a new workplace, you have to make sure your new job is a much better job. You want a job that can

Way to Europe and America Free

Image source: Have you heard of aupair program? What the hell is this Aupair really? there have been heard as yet unknown, I also just know and want to share with friends because by chance some

Villages in Alaska US Threatened Vanish, Drowned Oceans

Image source: The threat of global warming (global warming) is not a mere figment. When President Barack Obama's pledge to take decisive action to reduce the impact of climate change continues to be a polemic in

Valued Disturbing the Freedom of Worship, the Government of Saudi Arabia Banned Selfie in Places of Worship

Image source:–taurus-quotes-zodiac-taurus.jpg Going to the Holy Land and fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam is, of course, an essential goal of every Muslim who goes Umrah and Hajj. With a variety of technological advances that seem

UK Secretly Arrange Plans to Fight North Korea

Image source:, London – Britain is reportedly preparing a plan in the face of a possible outbreak of war around the North Korean issue. The preparation comes amid North Korean rhetoric that wants to send

Try These 7 Meals If You Go to Pekalongan

Image source: Pekalongan, a small town on the coast, located in Central Java 100 km west of Semarang City. This small town holds a variety of charms that will attract your first attention "perched" in this

Try the Delicious Texas Meat Come to Carne Smokehouse!

Image source: – Ladies, are you a culinary enthusiast of meat-based culinary delights such as barbeque (BBQ)? Indeed, in Indonesia BBQ is not a strange thing anymore because there are many restaurants that peddle this