Avoid Place Garbage Place Near Neighbor House Door

Avoid Place Garbage Place Near Neighbor House Door

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How important is it to deal with housewarming bins in logic links, cleanliness and consider the feelings of our left and right neighbors? Why often our logic does not work in this regard? Should not we put the trash can near the entrance of each house? Thus, neighbors do not share the smell of rotting garbage and the scenery is not beautiful at all from our trash.

Sometimes writers smile when looking at small housing but its citizens look less understanding about environmental problems around the house, especially about garbage.

Example of the existing incident is the trash bin own house why should be placed at the edge of the yard exactly on the border of the house next door? Why not in the middle of the page itself? Try logic and translated by logic:

Household waste, who produces? The owner of the house is not it?
Where is the sink bin placed? This is the subject or subject with a smile,
The location of the trash can is at the very edge of each house, even beside the entrance of the house next door. Our damaged garbage smells, but the neighbors left and right who feel the worst effects or effects of unpleasant taste, unpleasant scenery when the full garbage is not closed, falling apart from the trash bin by being scavenged by scavengers, cats or dog. Plastics flying on the wind and so forth,
The stinking smell of rubbish, the flies breeding with their maggots, so the food in everyone's homes becomes insecure with the presence of the huge green fly flyers for removing the dirt from the neighbor's trash through a thousand feet of flies.

This will be more pronounced when a house is in a state of need or there is a sudden situation of death and family and relatives gatherings, such as citizen meetings, birthdays that use the road as a meeting area for the laying of chairs, due to the absence of the yard, while the inside room is very small. Inevitably along the way as an alternative used for sitting around.

Well, at these moments the guests will feel nauseous smell of garbage semriwing spreading charm aroma, over time feels once the smell of garbage stinging litter even though the garbage has been lifted but if the owner of the house is not diligent to wash the trash because the rest of the garbage droplets that accumulate in months – even months.

Though we are neighbors expecting each other to get along, praying each other, especially nearest neighbors left and right, but if the atmosphere is not pleasant environment caused by our garbage so that cause pain in their hearts inevitably there will be disappointment and unplanned resentment caused by their inconvenience we.

The Mental Revolution on Yourself is Absolutely Necessary Here

Let's learn to self-correct ourselves in the small environmental situations we create, especially the awareness of such things that we should change, starting with the correction of the laying of household garbage.

It is true that the 'Mental Revolution' is necessary in this respect, especially in each of us, it must be in the neighborhood, from the small things like the domestic trash can.

Then what is the solution?Love the neighbors,
Begin placing the trash can in your own home area, near the entrance of your own fence,
It is better if the trash bin is placed in the yard of the house itself, not outside the fence, protruding out,
Organic household garbage that creates the odor of self-processing. The un-organic is sent to the Garbage Bank with a pleasant economic value if we are diligent in the garbage bin,
Animal organic waste is fed into the biopore absorption hole.

Let's Try Review How Should Bak Trash Household Placed Issued
Laying the trash can in the yard of the house itself, that is, the trash bin is placed in the area itself, not on the edge of the border with the fence next to the house. The picture above is a good citizens awareness because the trash bin is placed in the garage door of the house itself. That is, whatever the contents of the garbage will be our own who feel the consequences, yes smell dirty, so we will be careful if you want to dispose of garbage and certainly diligently wash the trash.

We recommend that if the garbage bin is placed d in the courtyard itself, the tub is not outside until that looks just a garbage door for easy retrieval and when it wants to clean it. Better in opening and closing the door is made pull up and down. Can be seen example image above.

Sorting and Processing Your Own Trash to Reduce Waste Piles in Waste Water
By sorting the type of waste from the base or the center that is from each house, then we can directly process to be compostable, can be by the method of Takakura Basket (in the form of organic trash leftover fruit vegetable scraps from the dining table of the kitchen), how to composter (for organic waste vegetables and foliage from the home page).

While animal organic waste (such as shrimp head, fish, tetelan meat, rat carcass, snake and other) by inserted into the hole biopori absorption.

More perfectly if every home is recommended to have a biopore absorption hole at least 50 holes biopori absorption, will feel very much benefit for humans and the balance of nature, especially for the needs of the fulfillment of the surface of the underground water.

Avoid Burning Garbage in Wastewater. Will Create Disaster
Indispensable mutual 'tepo seliro' (self-conscious and mutual respect) between neighbors. Avoid burning garbage in the trash can, you can definitely feel the feelings of what happens when such conditions take place among the neighbors.

A very fatal act is to burn garbage in the trash bin, because the result invites disaster planning specifically for the health caused. Especially if such a thing goes on continuously, simultaneous means adding the value of sin to the garbage burner because it has caused others into periodical poisoning then the toxins are piling up on the human body that inhale smoke.

Due to the smoke of burning garbage in the garbage can go to some neighbors' house by leaving behind various consequences such as shortness of breath, especially if neighbors have history of asthma, baby, toddler, parents. Complete already their misery for burning garbage.

More widespread consequences for the suffering of the earth from burning waste is the ozone layer becomes hollow so the sun's heat is no longer absorbed, hence why the earth is getting hotter now? The causes include burning garbage in addition to many more triggers such as greenhouses with UV-containing heat, forest fires, burning tires while marching and others.

Greetings revolutionize yourself mentally.-Ngesti Setyo Moerni

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