Awesome! 83,000 Used Batteries Conjured So Amazing Bridges

Awesome! 83,000 Used Batteries Conjured So Amazing BridgesThere are many ways that can be done in saving the environment, one of them is to use used goods that are not used anymore. This is also thought by the world's leading battery manufacturer, Energizer. They are trying to make artwork from used battery products. But not just a piece of ordinary art, loh. The result is cool! 83,000 used batteries transformed into a stunning bridge.

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A total of 83,000 batteries weighing 13 tons was made into a replica of London Tower Bridge with a length of 12 meters and 4 meters high. The building of artwork from the former battery is on display at Potters Field Park, a public park in London, England which is located not far from London Tower Bridge. So the park visitors can see how similar artwork from the former battery with the original London Tower Bridge building.

The original form of the building is like this.

Well, here it is a cool bridge from its used battery.

The building was made within four weeks. One by one the battery stick is affixed by hand. In addition, bridge mechanisms that can be lifted open and close as the original. Cool really the point. If you want to know the process of making it, Jaka also have video loh. You watch it here.

The London Tower Brige replica of the used battery is only on display for a day. That is on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 ago. On that day, Energizer also distributed free batteries to the selfie park visitors with the bridge and uploaded the pictures via Twitter. There is also Pollyanna Woodward, a beautiful TV presenter from England who is in charge of guiding the visitors.

Unfortunately, at 4 pm local time, the artwork was unloaded again. These very many used batteries will be recycled and processed again into useful new products. This is done to demonstrate the Energizer EcoAdvanced consistency in the use of used batteries in order not to pollute the environment.

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