Awesome! Display Smart Shoes That You Can Replace Through Smartphone

Awesome! Display Smart Shoes That You Can Replace Through SmartphoneTechnological developments are increasingly advanced is not unstoppable anymore. From start smartphones, smartwatch, smart home, and more. Having previously there are smart shoes that will automatically adjust to the shape of the user's feet, now there are new smart shoes that you can design your own fox.

Imagine not if you have a shoe whose motives you can change at will. When bored using 1 motive, just replace another motive. So do not need to buy new shoes right?

Shoes This You Can Change Motives Anytime

A company based in New York, ShiftWear, has introduced the idea of ??making shoes equipped with a special screen to display the designs that exist on your smartphone or computer. By using these shoes, you no longer need to buy new shoes to fit your clothes. Interesting right?

How Shiftwear Works

In the video, you can see clearly how to work smart shoes. ShiftWear's smart shoes can connect with your smartphone, and you can easily change the shoe motif directly by replacing it from your Android smartphone app or through your computer. Just turn on your shoes, then choose the motive from your smartphone. Then the motive you choose was immediately displayed in the smart shoes of the Shiftware.

How it works inspired smartwatch that allows you to change the skin jamnya with a variety of motives pictures or photos themselves. It's just in the case of ShiftWear shoes is using a canvas shaped display screen that not only displays photos, but also animated. Not yet known how to make this Shiftwear shoes can connect with our smartphone peranngkat.

Smart Shoe Shiftwear Technology

With the special technology embedded by ShiftWear, making the images displayed on the canvas of this smart shoe can still be seen even in the hot sun. And cool again, this smart shoe component uses waterproof technology and can also be washed. The coolest aja right?

For matters of power, the battery in ShiftWear smart shoes can last up to 30 days. Not to forget, these smart shoes are also equipped with Walk to Charge technology, so it will not run out of power while you continue to walk using these shoes.

More Efficient and Make Money with ShiftwearIf you are a designer or a person who loves to create unique drawings and motifs, ShiftWear's smart shoes provide an opportunity for you to make money. How, create a good image design, then upload. The picture you can use yourself in your Shiftwear smart shoes for free. But if anyone else wants to use it, they have to pay for it. Interesting is not it?

In addition, by having ShiftWear, you do not have to buy many shoes just to look matching with the clothes you use. Simply replace the motive of the smartphone, and you also have new shoes without having to buy them again.

Well, if you're interested, you can pre-order on ShiftWear's official website. This smart shoe is available in 3 model variants, and will start distributing in 2016. So, pre-order prey if you want to have this ShiftWear smart shoes.

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