Awesome! Here’s How To Get Your Smartphone Display Similar to Android Oreo

Awesome! Here's How To Get Your Smartphone Display Similar to Android OreoIn Google's newest mobile operating system, Android Oreo, the company from Mountain View, California, United States is making it look slightly different than the previous version. Unfortunately, in addition to Google's smartphone output, such as Pixel, Pixel 2, Nexus C, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X, there are still a few other smartphone vendors that adopt this operating system on their devices.

Apparently, there is a way that your smartphone can taste the look of Android Oreo without your smartphone must support this operating system. This time the Way Rats want to share the way that your smartphone has a look similar to Android Oreo.

Here's How To Have Your Smartphone Look Similar Android Oreo

Mouse Road itself has two ways to make your appearance look like Google Pixel, which is an easy way and a fairly difficult way. But, judging from the struggle that you need to spend, is definitely a more difficult way will make your smartphone look more similar to Pixel and Pixel 2.

Easy Way

Open the Play Store on your smartphone and find Action Launcher
Download the launcher. If so, go to Action 3 Settings and look for 'Help' button.
Because the Action Launcher already has a shortcut for you who want to have a look similar to Google Pixel, you do not need to set the look similar to Android O.
Tap Icon pack, select Pixel Launcher
Do not forget to download Google Wallpapers on the Play Store to make your smartphone look even more similar to Google Pixel.

How Hard

As the Rat Way mentioned, surely the results will be in line with the effort you are doing. Besides this way more difficult, you have to spend money of Rp 65.000 to buy Nova Launcher Prime. Sure, the famous launcher is no free version, but there are some premium features that make your smartphone look more like Google Pixel.

First of all, first download the icon pack that makes the appearance of the icons on your smartphone like its icon Google Pixel. You can download Pixel Icon Pack by paying Rp 13.000 in Play Store.

After you download Nova Launcher Prime, open Nova Settings

Tap Desktop, then Desktop Grid. Change the desktop grid to 4 rows and 5 columns, then press Done and return to Desktop settings
Tap Widht Padding and select Medium, then tap ** Height padding ** and select Large.Turn on Persistent search bar, then tap Search bar style and select pill-shaped Pixel Bar style

Tap Bar color and select white color, then tap Logo style and select colorful G

Scroll down and tap Weather to turn on weather content in the search bar. Then go back to the Nova Settings main menu.

Tap App & widget drawers, tap Drawer App Grid and select 6 for rows and 5 for columns, then press Done

Turn on the Frequently used apps feature and tap App drawer style and choose Vertical.

Make sure Card Background is off so that when you get into the apps drawer, the background is not white.

Select Swipe to open for this feature to turn on and tap Background, choose White and set Transparency to 0%

Tap Enable fast scrollbar for this feature to fire, tap the Scroll accent color and select Teal (first column, fourth row)

Do not forget to turn on the Search bar feature, then return to the Nova Settings main menu.

Tap Dock, Dock Background and select Rectangle

Tap Color to change Dock Background color and choose White, set Transparency to 70%Select Draw behind navigation bar to turn on-screen navigation bar feature, back to Dock settings.

Tap Dock icons, set to 5, then press Done and return to Dock settings

Press Widht padding and select Medium, set also Height padding to Large, and return to Nova Settings main menu.

Now set the folder with Folders tap, Folder Preview, then Grid

Tap Folder Background and select N Preview. Then tap Background, choose White and set Transparency to 0%, then return to Nova Settings main menu

Press Look & feel and tap Icon theme, then select Pixel Icon Pack.

Now your smartphone has a look similar to Google Pixel. In a way that is easy or difficult way, all back to the needs of each. If you want a view that is more similar to Pixel Launcher, you must choose Nova Launcher Prime to be your smartphone user interface platform.

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