Awesome! Launching of Makassar International Eight Festival and Forum

Awesome! Launching of Makassar International Eight Festival and, Jakarta Creative, unique, best! Three impressions were very pronounced when launching the Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum (MIEFF)
at the Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Tuesday (9/5).

Promotion of Makassar City featuring 8 elements of performances; fashion, film, folk, flora and fauna, fine art, fussion music, and fiction writer and font, accompanied by a live teaser about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Menpar Arief Yahya was immediately mengverikan code two thumbs for Makassar.

Minister Arief Yahya was stunned and appreciate Makassar creative in packing the event. He did not hesitate to express his admiration and satisfaction while following the launching of Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum. The packaging is very attractive. There is a teaser of his, to F8 that will difestivalkan in Makassar Sulsel it.

Several Ambassador representatives, such as America, Ambassador of Venezuela Ambassador of Morocco, Ambassador of Myanmar, Ambassador of Germany and Ambassador of Georgia to add fun launching event. All were amazed by the live teaser that accompanied fashion, film, folk, flora and fauna, fine art, fussion music, and fiction writer and font.

Speech of the Mayor of Makassar Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto who wore traditional clothing Makassar so not feel boring. Immediately hit the mark. All audience seemed to have adventure along Losari Beach, Makassar on 6-10 September 2017.

Its launching is very creative, and very nice. Every exposure there is his live teaser that I am very satisfied, hopefully later can be imitated to another, said Minister Arief Yahya who also wore traditional clothing typical of Makassar.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya immediately held up two thumbs up for creativity launching Makassar International Eight Festival & Forum 2017. For him, this is the most creative and best launching along the launching-launching ever.

Spectacular impression is felt. All that smells wow, wow, really show to the public. Makassar really wants to show that if prepared seriously, they can also show spectacular show like that often held in Singapore.

The international-scale agenda, known as F8, finally became the subject of conversation in the audience at Balairung Soesilo Soedarman. All immediately find out about fashion, film, folk, flora and fauna, fine art, fussion music, and fiction writer and font that will be held in Makassar, 6-10 September.

Last year the F8 Festival exceeded the target. Target 60 thousand to 300 thousand. And for the event this time the target is 1 million visitors. This is very possible, Arief Yahya said.

Magic stance was not reluctant to share to Makassar. Of the 8 elements of the show that will be displayed in F8, Minister Arief Yahya proposed to look for the top 3 most prominent.The number one largest food that is 32 percent. Number two is Fashion 30 percent. The other is Craft. So if you take top 3 it's food fashion and Craft is already more than 80%. The other does not mean unimportant, but its commercial value is less. And from the top 3 it can to subsidize the other, said the former CEO of Telkom.

Guberbur South Sulawesi also in tune with Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. He said if South Sulawesi and Makassar are Center Point of Indonesia.

South Sulawesi is the main pillar of the Minister, the pillar of tourism. Tourism in Makassar is the main thing for us to connect everything. In the future we want to make Makassar as the interconnection of marine tourism is beautiful and amazing, said Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo.

Syahrul Yasin Limpo said, through the implementation of this F8 event it wants to show to the people of Indonesia and abroad. That Makassar or South Sulawesi is an interesting destination. The region is very rich with natural attractions, culture, and artificial tourist attraction.

F8 is the pride of the Indonesian nation in general and the people of Makassar. The event that targets 1 million visitors and 100 cities of the world is an effective means to promote tourism as well as direct impact of high tourism economy, he said.

Makassar Mayor Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto in his speech said that he was grateful for the support of the Minister of Tourism.

We are very grateful for the second launch this time we are led by a good minister in the field of Indonesian tourism, said the man who is familiarly called Danny Pomanto.

As is known, continued Danny Pomanto, F8 success last year will be continued and improved on the implementation this year. Well, for the 2017 edition, the event is set more wow from 2016. There are 10 culinary icons to be displayed. The number of participants, 100 cities of the world.

While the show will be wrapped with 1000 musical performances, 10,000 cultural attractions and 100,000 art performances and performances.

Therefore, the target of the implementation of MIEFF 2017 will be increased. The number of visitors who are targeted now is 1 million people, said Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto.

South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo also attended and gave his speech. He called Makassar and South Sulawesi as the entrance to Indonesia in the Central and Eastern regions. Therefore, the 8-F activity initiated by the Mayor of Makassar for tourism should be successful together.Andre Hehanusa, a popular singer in the era of the 90's was also featured in launching it. Wearing a white shirt with a traditional hat Makassar, singer song "Kuta Bali" was also singing the regional song "Wind Mamiri". The Mayor and Governor also sing in front of the audience.


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