Awesome! Malaysian Artists Make Artwork to Criticize Forest Burning in Indonesia!

Awesome! Malaysian ArtistsSometimes, not all forms of criticism and protest must be channeled with physical and nerve attacks. As we know, this way will only cause the victims and the loss for everyone. There are still many ways we can do to criticize and protest our objections can be gratefully well. With the record, our aspirations are well received also by the parties concerned.

Like a Singaporean artist Ernest Zacharevic who wishes to express his grievances over the air pollution caused by forest fires that have occurred in recent years in Sumatra and Kalimantan, more precisely, the involvement of the palm oil industry. Want to know what kind of concern Ernest has on this issue? Here's the story.

Ernest Zacharevic was stifling because of the fire that invaded Penang, where he worked

He and his friend Charlotte Pyatt created a Splash and Burn campaign in protest against the palm oil industry involved

Initially, they made leaflets to raise funds and volunteers from the community from the past two years

Splash and Burn is in reality an awareness campaign for the irregular practice of palm oil. But in a creative way, not an anarchist!

They focused on cross-country fumes, deforestation, and the relocation of animals and local people

Besides the two of them, there are some artists who participated; Isaac Cordal, Gabriel Pitcher, Mark Jenkins, Pixel Pancho Axel Void, and Bibichun

They judge, this way can be a bridge between the gap between the palm oil industry with consumer awareness on this issue

Here's the result of creativity Ernest and his friends. Anyone understand the meaning?

Naturally, if not a few people who are upset with this problem. The mural is a real impactWell, that's how Ernest Zacharevic channeled his unek as an artist whose studio he worked for, affected by the smoke or waste of the palm oil industry in Sumatra. In this case, there is no need for protest and criticism with physical contestation. Safer and more creative, is not it?

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