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Image source: – Ladies, which one do you like between the action-packed law enforcement series and adrenaline pumping, or that you get carried away following the case-breaking process up to the court table?

This time one of the channels on pay TV, AXN, presents both stories. In this film, there is the action of special agents to combat terrorist acts in the series of NCIS-Los Angeles season 6 and the work and family life of Reagan who passed down through generations to law enforcement in the city that never sleeps, namely New York.

According to Dian Safitri, as the spokesperson for AXN Jakarta, said that NCIS Los Angeles The 6th season is filled with a thrilling fight from the beginning to the end episode. "With stories of disguises and investigations backed by cutting-edge technology, to dismantle action and arrest dangerous criminals and terrorists threatening state security," Dian said in the Jakarta area on Tuesday, August 4, 2015.

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Chris ODonnell, he continued, which oversees NCIS promised this sixth season will not only be filled with tense action, but will reveal some secrets and bring a new spark of romance, especially before the final episode that threatens many things, ranging from relationship, life to existence.

In addition, the fifth season drama Blue Bloods presents the expertise of the Police and the New York City public prosecutors team in a variety of interesting criminal cases. From the perspective of the Reagan family who are hereditary professors as NYPD Head (Frank S) Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), Frank's father who also served as NYPD Chairman: Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), Frank's children: detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg ), public prosecutor Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan), and police of Jaemie Reagan (Will Estes).

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"Every episode, viewers will be presented with a case with an interesting setting, ranging from fraud, kidnap tissue to sex slaves, assassinations and robberies with a unique background," he explained.

The series not only highlights the actions of police and prosecutors in law enforcement, but their humanist side, the dilemmas they face such as divorce, being single parents, raising children in their teens, financial difficulties and family disputes. Even in the Reagan family, it does not always get along, let alone they are in the same field.

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"Although different formats and tempos, the two law enforcement series is equally cool to watch," lid Dian.Well Ladies, witness the excitement of the NCIS Los Angeles law enforcement drama of the sixth season on Wednesday at 21:00 wib and Blue Bloods fifth season every Monday to Thursday at 21:55 pm on AXN. Do not miss ya.

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