Baby in the Middle of Pollution Capital

Baby in the Middle of Pollution Capitalthe story of a baby who lives with smoke Jakarta. as the twilight begins to fade away this eye is presented a very pitiful stockup and tears this sense. Babies aged about 8 months were being swung by his mother (20 years old) by using a typical Javanese batik cloth. the baby seemed comforted by the mother's jokes. the mother tried to cheer her baby while waiting for her turn melantukan tembang on the city bus that I was riding. The woman who has had the child sing a familiar song in the ears of the baby, advised that children do not cry, when parents are making a living for meet the needs of his life.

South Jakarta is densely crawling, road repairs could make these ears buzzing by the horns in the hoot. but not with the baby, his laughter erased all the notes from the black vehicles. when the bus is full of passengers, the mother and baby are ready to sing. the baby just stared at his mother, while the mother tried hard to sing to beat the exhaust sound from outside. The tightness happened until the baby cried. it's time to put on plastic sweets to be filled with coins swept away from the pockets of passengers.

this story is inversely proportional to the babies in general. the majority of parents are very concerned in caring for the baby, especially environmental problems. this is generally seen, babies are susceptible to disease attacks. Analyzing the case in the infant, air pollution from the vehicle is not good for the baby's breathing, especially without dial mask that can filter the dust.

I do not know, the mother can not leave the baby to relatives at home or make the most beautiful treasure as a tool to get money. can not bear to see the baby is already faced with this cruel economic reality. the man was introduced to the wheel of life before his time.

cilandak, 06 july 2011

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