Bad News Create Coffee Lovers! Half Coffee World Will Go In Year 2050, This Explanation

Bad News CreateIn the world, more or less coffee consumption reaches 5 billion cups per day. Especially in Indonesia, the existence of coffee may be the same generally with water. Coffee stalls are scattered, building economies as well as closing social relationships. For the lover, coffee is a mandatory stimulant in the morning before the brain can work well.

But as a coffee lover, you must be vigilant. Vice News reported predicted scientists that by 2050, more than 50% of the world's coffee will disappear.

What is article?

Coffee production continues to decline sharply, especially in Latin America. For example in Mexico, coffee production decreased from 50%, 30%, up to now only 10% in just 3 years

Bad news comes from coffee plantations around the world. In Mexico coffee farmers are being overwhelmed by the threat of crop failure again and again. The biggest master of the threat of coffee extinction in Latin American countries is the spread of coffee disease called Rust. Rust-like brown spots spread on the leaves, stems, until finally making the plant completely dead.

As a result, coffee farmers in Mexico and other Latin American countries cut more than 50% of coffee crops on their plantations. Because of the outbreak, coffee production in Mexico over the past 3 years has declined dramatically. From what was 100% to 50%, 30%, up to now only 10%.

In addition to disease outbreaks, coffee plants are also threatened by increasingly uncertain climate change. Especially to plant varieties of seeded Arabica that need optimum conditions

In addition to the Rust disease outbreak, the condition is getting worse triggered by climate change that hit the earth. The weather is fickle, the unpredictable rainy season makes the fungus easier to multiply and spread. Coffee farmers who used to live on crops, not anymore. Especially for the type of Arabica coffee that has high selling value. Arabica coffees can only grow with ideal weather conditions. Therefore, rather than crop failure due to unpredictable weather, many farmers are turning to stronger varieties facing outbreaks and climate change that is Robusta. But of course, the value of Robusta coffee is not as high as Arabica.

Climate change with global impact also threatens Indonesian coffee production. Not as bad as Latin America and Africa because the majority of Indonesian coffee is Robusta, production is expected to fall

Indonesia, as the third largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil and Vietnam, may not be as bad as Latin American and African countries. However, the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters or AEKI continues to predict a decline in production from year to year due to weather phenomena such as El Nino and La Nina as reported by AntaraNews. So there is no coffee-producing country safe from disease outbreaks or weather threats. World coffee production is endangered.

Can you imagine a world without coffee? Even most of modern society can hardly get up in the morning and move if not yet drinking coffee. The threat of extinction of coffee is just like a threat to human civilization. Actually, coffee is just one of many things that ultimately we must relieve if the climate damage is left at its current level. Therefore maintaining and rehabilitating the environment is a shared responsibility that must be immediately implemented.Other Helpful and Entertaining Articles

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