Ba’da Nang mBreksi Only, If Want

Ba'da Nang mBreksi Only, If, Sleman One of the keys to successful development of tourism destinations is attraction, in addition to access and amenitas. When you find an interesting attraction, presented in a place that ciamik, the tourists would be interested.

That's what the Sadar Wisata Group (Pokdarwis) Lowo Ijo, the manager of Taman Bruce, Prambanan, Sleman. In that exotic place, the mudikers can get a variety of art attractions in the form of Breccure Arts Festival themed "BA'DA Neng mBreksi" from 27 June to 2 July 2017. The time starts at 13:00 until 17:30 pm.

On June 27th, traditional Jathilan art will be displayed for those who come to Breksi Cliffs Park. 28th June will perform percussion and hadrah music. June 29th return Jathilan is shown. June 30 music Campursari.

"On July 1 we will present a Breksi Tari Dance Studio, a community art group here, the last day, July 2nd, Jathilan returns to be displayed," said Kholiq Widiyanto.

Brecken Cliff Park is a nominee of the Enchantment of Enchantment Indonesia 2017 in the Top New Destinations Destination category.

Brecken Cliff Park is a very beautiful limestone quarry. Cliff Breksi is one of the new tourist attractions in Yogyakarta that managed to attract the attention of many people. Initially, this hill is just an ordinary stone mine that resembles a small hill about 20 m tall. But lately, the tourists who want to visit the temple Ijo stop to come to this place to just take pictures.

In addition to exotic looks, Breccia Cliffs also offers incredible landscape views. From the top of the cliff, tourists can see Prambanan Temple, Sojiwan Temple and Barong Temple which is underlined by the dashing of Merapi. Not only that, a cliff similar to Brown Canyon in Semarang also offers a tempting twilight panorama.

A number of national artists or artists have used Brecken Cliff Park for their performing activities and video clips. For example Afgan, God Bujana, and Barasuara.

Roadshow Barasuara that carried Soundsation never stopped at Jogja. The Jakarta-based band chose to perform at Taman Bruce Prambanan, Friday (21/4/2017) night. In a concert titled Soundsation "Dark Out of Light".

Then Dewa Bujana, a famous jazz musician, also chose Brecken Cliffs. Zentuary, a concert located in Brecken Cliffs of Jogja on November 25, 2016 was held for the launching of the 8th album Dewa Budjana entitled Zentuary. In addition to Dewa Budjana, there are also some famous Indonesian musicians who collaborated with Dewa Budjana in this concert.

Want your forth full of charm? Come # Ba'daNengmBreksi aja. Access to geoheritage location is very easy. In the vicinity there are also other interesting attractions. There is Ijo Temple, Ratu Boko Temple, Barong Temple, Omah Domes or Rumah Teletubbies. To reach the location, there is a service of Shiva Plateau Adventure. "The price does not rise despite the Eid," said Kholiq.Tourism Minister Arief Yahya once again sympathized with the Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) Lowo Ijo, the manager of Taman Bruce, Prambanan, Sleman. The activities they designed to attract mudikers or tourist archipelago in the destination Breksi it, exactly. At the time people are going home mudik. "Good idea, run well, eat the result will be good too," said Arief Yahya.


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