Bahagiaku Engraved Behind the Twilight

Bahagiaku Engraved Behind the TwilightDusk..
Twilight and you ..
I love to enjoy the beauty of nature with my way ..

I hope the twilight will bring us together again sometime later ..
Enjoy a beautiful twilight view with ..
You are the reason I always wait for the twilight ..
Hope we can enjoy the twilight together without but ..
Without ever thinking to stop and go ..

I think of you when I write this. You know? The feeling that up till now drives me to perpetuate all our togetherness. When I try to remember everything about us, I try to collect the pieces of our story we've been through until now. I put them together, glue the memories to one another and it turns out to be true, there are many important things that we pass along.

I've never written like this. Somehow in every thought you are always present in the perfect figure, a figure I admire. Was it my imagination? Or if the word people is just a dream or is there a hidden purpose of God there? I have no idea. But one thing I know, if I think of you is something that can make me smile happy and inspire afterwards; Is it wrong?

Meeting you is something I never regret. Something that never minded before. I'm sure God has good intentions for us. Twilight is always sweet, always hypnotized, always reminds me of you. Do not deny it, because it is my own judgment. About a meeting that is quite magical and unpredictable, I am grateful to get to know you. No one's been coincidental, right?

You have stolen my admiration for you write new worlds that I have never explored. Because you write with heart. Because you often drag me to write more memories. Surely you do not know this, right?

Thank you for writing that beauty. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy our moments together. Enjoying a routine as an educator, circling the city in the afternoon with no direction and purpose, sitting in silence at the hospital when we are in sadness. All is beautiful because we are together, enjoy the beauty of nature which is one of the richness and greatness of God, the twilight.

The reddish and orange color of the twilight and the sound of the waves of the beach accompanied the strains of instrumental music that we often hear so perfectly accompany our story. We always involve nature as our friends who always accompany our journey.

Along with you is a priceless joy. Maybe you think it's poetic words, but rest assured that what I feel is true. Although sometimes we just pause and say nothing, maybe it's a gift from God that bestows melancholy on you who enjoys it in silence.

I like the way you enjoy things quietly, looking at things in a way that not many people understand. This heart can not deny, you are able to understand this self, which has a remarkable ego.

HappyOne simple but meaningful word. It's simple, because one of your smiles is more than enough for me to be happy. Your face and your eyes make me feel good when I look at you. Yes as simple as it is happy for me because your smile turns my day into color.

You just smile and it's that easy I fell in awe, it's as simple as it has attracted me with sincerity.

With you, I do not have to be someone else. You do not have to be the heroes idolized by the whole world, because you have special powers in my eyes. The power to make me smile when no one is able to drive me sad. Too magical. Too simple. But I like it.

As simple as you are, all my worries are driven away. From the way you see the world, from the way you look at reality, from the way you spread love, from the way you hang dreams, from the way your mind works. I'm really in love. You never promised, but always present everything that exceeds expectations. You are more than enough. My thanks will never end, because God has presented you.

The various sheets of our time are very simple. We color the world our way. We have witnessed the arrival of the moonlight at night and witnessed the light of the stars created by the Almighty. Ah, too much beauty we carve together; which I can not possibly write down everything.

Look, love is beyond a bag of sugar. How sweet and magical, he bewitched me too happy to explain the taste. Yes the name is love, flows simple taste and soon presents a million stories about us ..

To the destination of my race, I give you love.
I Love You. Im Belong To You.

You came unexpectedly. You attract the heart without being forced. We, in a previous life, were like a pair that wove romance united by the universe. Hopefully this taste is real, not just wishful thinking.

You yes you. Nowadays being a special person in my life, you are transformed into a happiness for me and colored my day.

Now I just hope the happiness I feel with you is not temporary. I want forever to feel happy by you. Being happy, this flavor exists. And all I know, happy being with you.

Because my bahagi is you.

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