Bak ‘Inviting the Devil’, 2 Horrible Predictions of the Future of Humans

Bak 'Inviting the Devil', 2 Horrible Predictions of the Future of HumansWashington, DC – The world has witnessed a variety of catastrophic and devastating events: the 2004 Aceh Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, also the rising ISIS that threatens the world.

Two national security experts and anti-terrorism believe that the catastrophe can be denied. They are R.P. Eddy, former director of Counter-Terrorism White House National Security Council and Richard Clarke – who has worked for a decade at the White House as national coordinator for security and anti-terrorism.

According to them, the governments of the countries of the world have been warned about some of the most terrible events. However, it is ignored.

For example, in 2012, the US ambassador to Syria at the time, Robert Ford had warned the White House that al Qaeda-like groups would form and take over large areas, even large cities.

He made predictions after seeing the conflict begin to happen in Syria.

However, Ford's views are ignored. Just realized the truth after ISIS developed, became more dangerous, and triggered global terror.

Last month, ISIS claimed responsibility for the Manchester bomb incident at the Ariana Grande concert, which killed 22 people. The terror group also claimed to be the mastermind of a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan that killed 90 people.

Not only that, the first person who successfully won three prestigious awards – Polk, Pultizer, and Peabody, Laurie Garret estimate the deadly spurt of HIV / AIDS. He was also ignored.

Garret initially found a decrease in immunity among homosexuals or gay-related immune deficiency (GRID).

"Patients thought they were suffering from cancer, but just by looking at the hypocrisy sarcoma on their faces, Laurie Garrett knew that it was an infectious disease and he attracted media attention," Eddy told Huffington Post, as quoted by on Friday ( 2/6/2017).

Eddy and Clarke released a new book entitled Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes – which aims to prevent future catastrophes and warns those in power not to remain silent.Then, what future catastrophes threaten Earth's inhabitants?

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