Bali Denplot Irrigation In Salak Plant

Bali Denplot IrrigationThe Provincial Agriculture Office of Bali initiated a pilot project (denplot) of irrigation (micro springkil) in salak plants in Sibetan, Karangasem regency, as an effort to improve the quality and production of these fruit crops.

"Salak plants that get enough watering, especially in the dry season is expected to produce twice a year," said Head of Production Division of Bali Agricultural Service Ir I Gusti Bagus Narayana in Denpasar, Friday (15/5).

He said the irrigation system using a pipe to mimic the development of salak Pondoh in Sleman, Yogyakarta, is expected to produce twice a year.

Balinese Salak in Sibetan, the blood of the eastern tip of the Island of the Gods, has actually also produced twice a year, but the fruits of the honey season (July-August) are few. Unlike the case with the highway in January-February 2009.

Bagus Narayana explains, pilak project development of barking with piping system applied in a single field in a period of at least a year.

"If these efforts give results as expected, then it is recommended to salak farmers, in order to apply the irrigation system in salak plants," said Bagus Narayana.

Salak Sibetan has advantages over other types of salak, so attract the attention of the Research and Development Agency (R & D) Department of Agriculture to be developed into a specific Bali commodity.

Ministry of Agriculture then released Bali bark as a superior variety, according to Minister of Agriculture decree number 567 / Kpts / TP.240 / 7/94 which is valid since July 23, 1994.

Since the recognition of the Minister of Agriculture on the release of Bali bark as a superior varieties means that Bali salak seedlings can be traded inter-island and developed in various regions in Indonesia.

Salak Bali originating from Sibetan, Karangasem it has a characteristic kleistogami ie ??for the occurrence of fertilization can be done itself automatically, do not need human help.

The shape of upright plants with a height of five to seven meters of trees on the stem is rounded stem leaf, as well as where the emergence of fruit.Salak plant in Karangasem regency is now as many as 8.3 million trees, during the year 2008 produced 49.2 tons increased from the previous year. (kpl / meg)

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