Bali to Build Tourism Village With Ornamental Plants Object

Bali to Build Tourism Village With Ornamental Plants ObjectBali is trying to build a tourist village with objects of ornamental plants, preserved flowers and medicinal plants that have a certain kasiat in the village of Petiga Tabanan 45 km northwest of Denpasar.

Ornamental plants developed by the community and medicinal plants that exist in Bali are very interesting for foreign tourists to just be known, said the head of local farmer group Made Jendra on Wednesday.

Bali Governor Dewa Made Beratha during his working visit to the village after reporting the community's plan to build a tourist village, with ornamental plants, welcomed the initiative of the community.

The government will definitely help the people's initiative in developing its territory with the aim of developing a community-based / populist economy, but there needs to be careful planning, Beratha Governor's suggestion.

He when reviewing the ornamental plants belonging to the people claimed shocked because the society is able to supply almost all the needs of the people of Bali will various types of ornamental plants can even supply out of the region.

"I think Bali is bringing ornamental plants from Malang to meet the demand of hotels in Nusa Dua, Sanur and Kuta was from Petiga Village," said Governor Beratha who admitted salute for the hard work of the people in the village.

He claimed to have previously received information that the supplier of ornamental plants in Bali is fully traders from Malang East Java, but in fact from the village of Petiga, which produces various kinds of ornamental plants.

"We are able to supply various types of ornamental plants to consumers in Bali also mengantarpulaukan to Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Sulawesi and even exported to Malaysia," said Made Jendra is active farming ornamental plants.

Petiga Village consisting of seven banjars (hamlets) consisting of 177 heads of households, is a group of farmers who productively develop ornamental plants with the ownership of each family between 100 M2 to 1000 M2.

Jendra said, if the village has become a tourist village later, will be equipped with traditional warung that serve local coffee drinks, of course with a level of cleanliness not far as in the cafe.

The idea to make a tourist village is well studied, now it is only realized that it starts with building cross-country roads, making it easier for vehicles to transport tourists here, he said.Ornamental plants belonging to the community actually have often got a tourist visit even strangers like to watch ornamental plants, medicinal plants. "Foreigners always want to know the kasiat from existing medicinal plants," said the flag. (* / cax)

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