Bali’s Mangrove Forest Threatened with Waste

Bali's Mangrove Forest Threatened with Waste

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Mangrove forests, is a typical vegetation of brackish water areas, usually found in coastal areas into estuaries of rivers. The area of ??brackish waters (the transition between bargaining and salt) is usually difficult to cultivate by the types of plants. We should be grateful for the existence of this mangrove or mangrove that can live in brackish waters and make shade. In Bali, the expanse of Mangrove forest can be found on Jalan Jimbaran By Nusa Dua Pass. Actually Mangrove forest has many functions that support life on land. Among others :

Mangrove hold water seepage luat for fresh water on the land does not feel salty.
Mangrove forests are also a place to gather various types of aquatic animals such as fish as well as a breeding site.
Mangroves also effectively resist sea breeze or tsunami storms that can devastate coastal areas in an instant. With a protective mangrove wall, the tsunami waves will not make such severe damage to the coastal area
Mangrove forests also have the same function as the parrot tree in the mainland. Mangrove forests are believed to be able to absorb CO2 in large quantities and replace it with O2 to lower the global temperature of the earth.

Today I witnessed the behavior of some of the residents around the Mangrove forest on the road By Pass Airport which rada nyleneh. Nothing, garbage around the Mangrove forest is already on the verge of fairness. Not to mention the smell of garbage. It was stinging. Whereas on the edge of Mangrove forest has been installed Announcement Board by the Forestry Service of Badung Regency. But some residents there are also still desperate waste in the forest Mangrove In Village Kelan Tuban – Kuta this. [/ caption]

Ironically Garbage disposed of by the act of residents was deliberately thrown under the bulletin board. As if against the contents of the announcement board.

[/ caption]

A scene far from the fire, far from the hope of reality. Should be a good citizen can understand how urgent to keep Mangrove forest from damage caused by waste disposed in the forest.

Mangrove Forest Damage is not a new problem. In 2010, Kompas Daily reported that damage to Mangrove Forest in Java and Bali reached 68%. This means a damage that should be noticed by the Government and the Citizens.

Mangrove forests are marine ecosystems that exist in the sea. Fish, Shrimp, Crab and a variety of marine plants protected by Mangrove Forest. [/ caption] align = "aligncenter" width = "768" caption = "The intersection of Ngurah Rai Airport is flanked by mangrove forest"] [/ caption] Really how severe is the condition experienced by the people themselves if the mangrove forest disappears from its habitat. Consider this: Deforestation, both overland and mangrove forests, not only leads to a decrease in water catchment areas, abrasion and natural disasters such as erosion and flooding but also result in loss of central circulation and carbon dioxide (CO2) and O2 oxygen gas required man for his survival. It is clear that losses will return to humans and threaten their survival. So why does the Government seem to turn a blind eye to the importance of conservation of these mangrove forests?

What is certain is that Indonesia is one of the world's largest mangrove forest countries, accounting for 25% of the world's total mangrove forest area (18 million hectares).

While in Indonesia mangrove forest area of ??4.5 million hectares or as much as 3.8% of the total forest area as a whole.

The small extent of mangrove forest has resulted in the Indonesian government's attention to mangrove forests is very small, compared to the land forests. The condition of mangrove forest also suffered damage similar to the condition of other forests in Indonesia (Mangrove Information Center, 2006).If the Government and the People have no attention to the Mangrove Forest, who else will keep and preserve this forest?

It's a tough question if reality and hope are so far away.

Denpasar, September 16, 2011

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