Banyu Buthek documentary film Baturraden PLTB exploration criticism

Banyu Buthek documentary

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The documentary film "Banyu Buthek" (Sulbani Pictures 2016) documents the impact of Baturraden PLTB exploration that pollutes the Prukut river flow, Cilongok sub-district, Banyumas regency. Premiered on Thursday (2/3) evening, various communities in Banyumas watched together to dialogue about the possible impacts of the construction of the PLTB.

Film director "Banyu Buthek", Aris Andrianto said that the film that he made is backed by the sad reality experienced by thousands of residents in five villages of Cilongok Sub-district. They find it difficult to get clean water because the Prukut River, which is the main source of water for daily needs for months of pollution. Through the film, Aris wants to document the voices of citizens from all sides ranging from domestic to economic to social impacts.

"Through this film I want to document the feelings, the anxiety as well as their lives that suddenly change because the water is polluted," he told, Thursday (2/3).

Aris also said through the film described that the exploration of PLTB Baturraden is partial. Because PT Sejahtera Alam Energy (SAE) is considered not to disseminate since the beginning related to the adverse impacts of PLTB development on citizens. Citizen recognition, many of them are still confusing to know the transparency of all stages of the construction of the PLTB.

"There are even residents who do not know if the Keruk river flows impact from the opening of road access in the area of ??protected forest of Mount Slamet, which caused millions of cubic of soil material scattered into the river flow, even some people suspect the construction of toll road," he said.

One community activist in Banyumas, Cipto of the Agrarian Reform Movement Alliance (Agra) said the film reminded that the PLTB project would threaten many things. Pollution of water sources is only an initial impact that is very risky to cause a derivative effect.

"This movie at least proclaims that there is danger lurking in Banyumas," said Cipto. [cob]

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