Banyuwangi Student Demos Reject Development at the Peak of Mount Ijen

Banyuwangi Student DemosBANYUWANGI, – Dozens of students from the Student Executive Board (BEM) University August 17, 1945 Banyuwangi held a peaceful action. They rejected the construction at the peak of Mount Ijen Banyuwangi conducted BKSDA East Java.

The action began with a longmarch from their campus to the local government office of Banyuwangi and conducted a speech in front of Banyuwangi Regent's office on Thursday (9/11/2017).

Ardi Tyo Bastiar, the coordinator of the action told, if students in Banyuwangi reject and criticize the construction at the peak of Mount Ijen. Because in the reserve area of ??the crater Ijen, there are flora and fauna is quite abundant.

"In the region there are 86 species of flora, 107 species of birds, 21 species are endemic, and of course the natural beauty of the crater of Mount Ijen will be tarnished with permanent buildings that are being erected in concrete, especially Mount Ijen still active volcanic status," said Ardi.

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They also asked the Banyuwangi District Government to coordinate with the East Java BKSDA not to continue the construction at the top of Mount Ijen. The plan, BKSDA will establish a pavilion and toilet.

Photo collection of Sea Soldier Banyuwangi Hole in the climbing route of Mount Ijen BanyuwangiAccording to Ardi, if indeed the needs of such facilities are considered urgent toilets can still be built in paltuding or in bunder post with semi-permanent buildings.

"There are some facilities in the area such as toilets but not at all maintained, why not just fix them," Ardi said.

After the oration, student representatives were met directly by Husnul Chotimah, Head of Environment Agency of Banyuwangi.

The student representative also complained that BKSDA had never conducted any socialization related to the development plan at the peak of Mount Ijen to the community.

"If even built a toilet at the top of Mount Ijen, will be discarded where the dirt? If thrown carelessly just the same," said Rama, one of the students to Husnul.(Also read: Mount Ijen Bolong-bolong Tuai Critic Warganet)

Photo collection of Sea Soldier Banyuwangi Pile built at the top of Mount Ijen Meanwhile, Husnul Chotimah in front of the students explained, if during this time his side had never been invited to coordinate related to the development.

Officially, according to Husnul, Banyuwangi Regency has also sent a written letter to the BKSDA to request a written explanation from BKSDA East Java.

"It is not only Banyuwangi, from Bondowoso that the same thing has never been invited to talk about the development, it is the domain of BKSDA but we also have the right to have the area there," said Husnul.

He also asked the students to provide a written explanation regarding the objections they raised about the construction at the top of Mount Ijen. Students are expected to write the solutions offered.

"I believe that the students' siblings are also conducting the study so I ask for the review, which is also delivered in writing, which we are certainly not apathetic about their objections," Husnul explained.

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