Banyuwangi tourist destination defeat Bali! 8 This is the proof!

Banyuwangi tourist destination

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Do not believe? Check out the following eight things that make Banyuwangi able to defeat Bali.

1. Banyuwangi beach has a very stunning white sand

Banyuwangi is located close to Bali has a very stunning coastal beauty, for example in Red Island. The beach there has a serene atmosphere with calm waves and white sand.

2. Banyuwangi has an eternal fire tour

The eternal fire tour in Banyuwangi is certainly not owned by Bali. The eternal fire tour that never goes out is in Ijen Crater. To enjoy the atmosphere of eternal fire is blue, then come to Ijen Crater at night.

3. Banyuwangi has hot water baths

Bored with beach scenery, then Tamansuruh Banyuwangi hot spring bath located in Taman Suruh Village can also be the right choice. This will enrich your choice of destination.

4. The best surfing spot on G-Land Island

You do not have to go to Bali to enjoy the paradise of surfing, because Banyuwangi also has a surfing paradise that is not inferior to Bali, namely in G-Land Island. The place is located in the area of ??Alas Purwo National Park is even a tourist destination leading tourist abroad.

5. Banyuwangi has rare flora and fauna

Besides the natural scenery, Banyuwangi is also rich with rare flora and fauna, for example swallow tail needle, bull and ajag. You can find the animals and plants in Baluran Nature Reserve area.6. Learn the life of turtle on Sukamade Beach

For those of you who like marine animals, then Sukamade Beach can be an option. Because in this place you can see turtles running in white sand.

7. The charm of the gigantic rock tour is unbeatable

Not only presents the beauty of white sand, some beaches in Banyuwangi, such as Watu Dodol Beach, will be presenting a giant rock scene scattered on the coast.

8. Plantation tour

For those of you who like the nature that is all green, Banyuwangi also have natural attractions like this, precisely in the highlands of Kalibendo Agro. In the plantation you can find typical plants such as coffee, rubber and cloves.

Well, the eight things above is what makes Banyuwangi has more value than Bali, so if you have a plan for the holiday then there is no harm in visiting Banyuwangi.

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