Barcelona Create South Korean Actors Semringah

Barcelona Create South Korean Actors Semringah– South Korean actor, Ryu Jun Yoel, is delighted after getting a deal from Barcelona to watch the club compete in La Liga.

Reply 1988 drama star series was invited as a guest of honor in a match that Barcelona won with the score 4-0. However, the Catalan team management also invited the United States footballer, Alex Morgan.

American footballer @ alexmorgan13 and South Korean actor Ryu Jun-Yeol, guest in the Palco Camp Nou room, also presented books from photographer Horaci Segu #BaraDepor
FC Barcelona (@fcbarcelona_id) December 17, 2017
Yoel is famous as one of a handful of South Korean actors who love sports, especially soccer. The 31-year-old figure often expresses his passion for leather sports through his personal Instagram account.

"Thank you for having been invited to Barcelona as a person who loves soccer, it is an honor for me to be invited by the club as amazing as Barcelona," said Joel in his Instagram account.

"I see how Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world, seeing them play at Camp Nou, like a dream come true, I hope you feel it too, believe me there is nothing bad about football lovers," said Joel.

Thank you for inviting me. As a person who loves football, it's a great honor for me to be invited for this play of a noble club, FC Barcelona. Id see how come to be the best teams in the world. Watching the play at Camp nou, Its like my-dream-come-true. Hope youd feel it. -Truly believe that theres no one bad between football-lovers-

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In addition to Barcelona, ??Yoel also reported several times directly witnessed matches played by his best friend in Tottenham Hotspur, namely Heung-Min Son. Latest, the actor witnessed a 2-0 victory Spurs over Brighton, at Wembley Stadium, December 13, 2017.

Source: Instagram, Barcelona

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