Barroso calls for immediate WTO talks

Barroso calls for immediate WTO talksEuropean Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso called for the resumption of talks on the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha round about global trade liberalization at the opening of the Asia-Europe (ASEM) summit in Helsinki on Sunday.

"The foundation of globalization is open and fair trade," Barroso said in a speech at a meeting of heads of state from 39 ASEM member countries.

"We have not gotten, therefore feel more disappointment over the postponement of Doha round negotiations."

"The Doha agenda is largely about the development of trade, we must start the Doha round without any suspension."

"Other trade agreements between the region and countries should complement each other with the multilateral trading system," he said, adding that the emphasis should be on Asia and Europe to be willing to listen to each other.

Doha Round talks have been suspended since the ministerial talks in Geneva in July between six northern WTO players failed. These countries are Australia, Brazil, the European Union, India, Japan and the United States.

Barroso said the globalization must be implemented in a sustainable way, especially in the context of renewable energy sources and in an effort to neutralize the forces of climate change – the main focus proposed by the Finnish host of the 6th ASEM Summit.

The European Commission President warned that climate change is really going on.

"We are obliged to future generations to protect our environment responsibly, our economy depends on energy supply and we must continue to conserve energy, while also creating clean energy and increasing the use of renewable energy sources," he added.

The ASEM's 6th Summit is due to be published by the Helsinki Declaration on Climate Change and also on the future of ASEM. (* /

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