Basic Chemistry 10 Examples of Chemical Change and 10 Examples of Physical Changes!

Basic Chemistry 10 Examples of Chemical Change and 10 Examples of Physical Changes!Hahaha hard to find examples of changes in physics and chemical changes, there are only 4 instances of doangg? * for those guns want ribet and guns want to think alias just ngandelin information from the internet doang.heheheh * and this also for you who read and visit to my blog article this. hihihihi.

Well since fitting yesterday in the first semester of BASIC CHEMICAL course, cave dapet assignment from lecturer cave to write 10 examples of physics changes and 10 examples of chemical changes. And this is the answer to my assignment. okay before I give 10 examples of physics and chemistry change, do you want to know what physics and chemistry change? Is not it ? hayoohayoo … confess. xixixi ..

Physical Changes are Changes of substances that do not produce new substances.

Chemical Changes are Substance Changes that produce new substances.

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10 examples of physics change:

1. Cloths that come from cloth

2. Pebbles derived from stones after after the collision process3. Ice cubes coming from water

4. Flour derived from rice

5. Bricks, tiles, jars made of clay

6. Cake made from flour.

7. Jelly (a kind of gelatin) made from a mixture of water and sugar dyes

8. Fabrics from yarn

9. Handycraft in the form of pins and keychains made of flannel fabric

10. Tables and chairs made of wood

10 types of chemical changes:

1. Apples rotten

2. Paper burned to ashes3. Dried leaves are processed into compost

4. Burning of gasoline on motor vehicles

5. Photosynthesis

6. Stale rice

7. Rusted iron

8. Soybean made tempe and tofu

9. Charcoal from burning logs

10. The food eaten is processed in the body into feces (stool).

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