Basuki Meet Menhut Discuss Artificial Island and City Forest

Basuki Meet MenhutJAKARTA, – Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama met Minister of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan discusses the discourse of making artificial islands and urban forests. Zulkifli reminded Basuki that DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will continue to develop urban forest so that green open space can be fulfilled.

"This makes the green space increase by developing urban forest and also I suggest to the Vice Governor that the river is laid out so that the left-right river is 500 meters as a green space," said Zulkifli at the Ministry of Forestry, Jakarta, Thursday (21/3/2013) .

Basuki also agrees with Zulkifli, especially since Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo is an alumnus of Forestry Faculty of Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta. Because of Jokowi's educational background, Basuki assures Zulkifli that the DKI Provincial Government is serious about increasing green open spaces.

Basuki's arrival to the Ministry of Forestry was at once to follow up Zulkifli meeting with Jokowi in the past. Basuki said that before he and Jokowi were sworn in as head of DKI Jakarta, Zulkifli said he would help plant trees along the capital's sidewalks. "So want to plant a high tree, as high as 5 meters so," said Basuki.

Basuki said, Zulkifli also has promised to maintain forests in the capital city, especially the forest of the town of Kemenhut. According to Basuki, in the previous administration, many urban forests are actually used to build buildings. Currently the buildings above the forest can no longer be built and will be planted with large trees.

man-made island

In addition to discussing the agreement between the Provincial Government of DKI and Kemenhut, discussed also discourse the development of artificial islands in the Bay of Jakarta. Basuki said that Jakarta Provincial Government can not give certificates to property owners in Kepulauan Seribu Regency because the islands belong to MoF. The resort entrepreneurs only have the right to manage up to 60 years and can be extended. "The permission was granted in the era of the former government, the time of President Soeharto," said Basuki.

Basuki promised to grant permission to entrepreneurs to erect buildings on artificial islands in Jakarta Bay as long as the entrepreneur is willing to seek reclamation and create a small dam on the island. He did not want the dam was built by the Provincial Government of DKI.

Basuki also promised to apply strict rules to the developers who will build a building on the island. He also asked all elements, including the community to always maintain the cleanliness of the environment in that location.

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