Basuki Questioning Extra Reward for Ria Rio

Basuki Questioning ExtraJAKARTA, Vice Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama asserted, the Provincial Government of DKI does not spend the budget for money compensation or money merah. He questioned the source of funds to raise money for the residents of Ria Rio Dam, Pulogadung, East Jakarta, to relocate to Elus Pinus Flats.

"The city administration has no money for mercy, it has been revoked. said Basuki at the City Hall of Jakarta, Thursday (26/09/2013).

Basuki estimated that the additional money came from PT Pulomas Jaya as the owner and manager of Ria Rio Reservoir or from operational fund of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo. According to Basuki, the governor is free to use his operational funds, including to provide compensation to residents relocation.

"Wear operational money is okay, if you want, indeed Pak Governor can do anything without my knowledge really, he-he-he," said Basuki.

The Governor's Decree on Money is the Governor's Decree Number 193 of 2010 on guidelines for the compensation of money for mercy by the tenants of the building on state land. Through the revocation of the Governor's Decree, Basuki said, Jakarta Provincial Government no longer gives money for mercy or compensation to the citizens who work on state-owned land. Similarly to residents of eviction victims or others.

"But, if PT Pulomas Jaya want to love, it could be, if the city budget is not baseball," said Basuki.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo Budi Karya Sumadi reluctant to explain further related to the addition of money for the residents of Ria Rio Ria. According to him, who is more eligible to answer it is the Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo. Jokowi denied that the city government is spending additional funds for the money.

Nevertheless, Budi Karya justify the addition of the money of mercy. The problem of relocation of residents of Rio Ria Reservoir finally resolved. Residents around the reservoir are willing to move to Elok Pine Flats in Cakung, East Jakarta.

A total of 208 households (KK) finally willing to be relocated by receiving money more than Rp 1 million kerahiman. Head of Pulogadung Sub-district Teguh Hendrawan said after negotiating with the people on Wednesday, it was agreed that the money for the people's mercy would be added. The additional money is the policy of Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo.

After the residents are willing to be relocated, this week there will be a draw and the key grant of Rusun Pinus Elok. In addition, the compensation fund will also be awarded this week.

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