Bath, to Clean, Fresh and Healthy

Bath, to Clean, Fresh and Healthy We often do not realize and do not appreciate the role, privileges, advantages, benefits, and efficacy of water for life. Because our dependence on water is not limited to mere exorcism. One is for bathing. A clean touch of water on our body will make the body feel fresh and fit again.

With a bath will keep the body kept clean and free of various germs. In addition, a regular bath will be useful to make the body fresh and spirit in the routine activities. In general, most people bathe twice a day ie in the morning and evening. Bathing twice a day and washing the hair at least three days once is highly recommended by health and fitness experts.

Although cold, water in the morning is very useful if used for bathing. Morning air contains many substances that are beneficial to the health of the body. And the substances contained in the morning air also participate dissolved with water, so the water quality in the morning to be better. Benefits of a morning shower, among others, can refresh the body, reduce depression, boost the immune system, help improve fertility, and blood circulation.

The afternoon bath is very useful to cleanse the body after a full day activities. The benefits are able to maintain cleanliness and freshness of the body, eliminate germs, maintain body temperature, eliminate depression so keep the spirit, and make sleep more soundly.

Hot water bath is useful to make the body more relaxed, get rid of aches and stiffness in muscles, and make sleep becomes more soundly. Hot water vapor can open the pores, stimulate sweating, make blood vessels dilate and relax the muscles. The ideal temperature of warm water that can be used for bathing is lukewarm.

Although there is no absolute agreement that regulates how much hot water temperature for bathing should be used, but most health experts recommend keeping the temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid water that is too hot because it can cause skin redness, itching, and dry. The loss of a natural moisturizer will make the skin more susceptible to infection and increase the potential appearance of acne because the skin produces excess oil to moisturize the skin.

Bathing cold water gives effect in the form of fresh taste, passion, and spirit. Cold temperatures wrinkle blood vessels in the skin so that blood flow is diverted to internal tissues and other body organs to maintain the basic body temperature. The ideal water temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius. Bathing with mountain water temperatures (about 20 degrees Celsius) for two to three minutes each day is recommended, especially for those who are depressed.

However, if too often bathe with cold water can also be bad for the body, which can cause hypothermia, where the body is not able to restore the body's heat temperature because the temperature is too fast to fall. This condition makes the body reach very low temperatures below 35 degrees Celsius. In addition, too cold can also cause nerve and joint pain. Blood vessels will narrow due to cold temperatures, so that the intake of oxygen in vital organs is also reduced so it can cause pain.

In principle, regular bathing (twice a day) is good for maintaining personal hygiene. However, if bathing too often, will cause damage to the skin that causes the skin to dry. Often bath with soap can also damage the outermost layer of the skin surface.

In general, bathing is mandatory to relieve the itching of psoriasis, soothe inflamed skin, help sleep more soundly, improve brain memory, and relieve flu symptoms.

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