Batik Kebumen, Batik Tulis `Character`

Batik Kebumen, Batik Tulis `Character`Citizen6, Kebumen: The fruits of hands or gifts seem to be something that must be purchased when visiting a place or city. Can not be denied, souvenir hunting is already entrenched among our society, whether or not who instilled it. Fruit hand is usually intended to be shared to relatives at home, not infrequently also the fruit of this hand be a symbol or say a sign that someone has visited a place.

In general, the typical food of a region will be much selected as a souvenir. However, if less interested in souvenirs in the form of snacks that can only last a few moments, then there's nothing wrong if you try to buy souvenirs that are durable and long-lived for relatives and loved ones at home.

Speaking of souvenirs of this type, of course, many kinds of souvenirs or objects that can be purchased, one of which is batik cloth. Batik has become an icon for the name of Indonesia, because in this country batik is a distinctive art that represents the nation's culture. Batik so far is very close to the meaning of Javanese culture, but actually the view is less precise, because in fact Bali also has batik, Borneo, and possibly other areas.

In Java itself there are some very famous batik, for example, batik Pekalongan and Solo batik. Beyond that there is still a lot of cultural wealth in the form of this batik that has not been explored to the maximum when in fact it has high potential, for example batik Kebumen.

Kebumen has a unique batik that should be included in your shopping list when visiting there. Perhaps not many know the cultural potential of this city of Lawet, to get it is still relatively difficult. Never mind the outsiders, the residents of the original Kebumen was still rare to recognize the batik area. This is due to the low prestige of batik tulis this folk, and then after heavily the name of batik lifted and struggled some time ago, batik kebumen slowly began to show geliatnya, the craftsmen began to batik again. Since then also local governments began to actively promote the batik that has not too have this name.

If the history is demanded, batik in Kebumen began in the 19th century introduced by immigrants from Yogyakarta who was currently spreading the teachings of Islam. Although rooted in Yogyakarta, batik in Kebumen has its own peculiarities that distinguish it from other types of batik. Batik Kebumen many patterned flora-fauna with dominance of blue, red, purple, brown, green, and yellow. Motives that do not contain a philosophy or a particular meaning, but inspired from what is in the environment around the batik know that at the same time describes the natural wealth and culture Kebumen district itself.

Some types of batik Kebumen is Jagatan, Pring Sedhapur, Srikit, Kawung Jenggot, Ukel Cantel, Gringsing, Pugeran, and many others. Different styles of batik mostly, make batik Kebumen look interesting. Especially with the colors are bright and character.

Batik Kebumen can be found in stores or boutiques only in the city of Kebumen and surrounding areas, because the spread is not so high, like Solo and Pekalongan batik. If you are lucky, local government always hold Batik Kebumen exhibition every year, the exhibition is open to anyone so there you can get more choice of batik motif and also more affordable price.

Interested in making batik Kebumen as a souvenir for relatives or colleagues? Do not miss when visiting the city lawet, Kebumen. (Luthfia Ayu Azanella / Arn)

* Luthfia Ayu Azanella is a citizen reporter who can be contacted via Twitter account: @LuthfiaAyu_ and Facebook: Luthfia Ayu Azanella

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