Be careful of Scams on behalf of the Scourge

Be careful of Scams on behalf of the Scourge

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The afternoon yesterday at exactly 17:00 pm I got a mystery phone call on behalf of Gojek. The caller informed that in the framework of the 7th Anniversary of Gojek, the Gojek party was sharing prizes for lucky customers. And after the draw, my number belongs to a lucky customer.

The prize is not kidding money worth 2 million rupiah. For me it is a big nominal, there are rarely services that want to give money for free to the customer. And if my accumulated payment to Gojek not necessarily up to a million. Understand it, I have some applications ojek online in hp and sometimes I also use motorcycle taxi. So do not merely use Gojek.

Heard if I win the lottery, it seems to want jingkrang-jingkrang on the mattress. Already, if I want to treat my family and friends. But it's just a fantasy, in fact I think and ask the caller "It's a fraud right, when I was told love verification code sent by Gojek?" The caller tried to control my subconscious and persuaded me to give me my verification code or my Gojek password. With some hesitation I mentioned the code. Alamak !!

Despite having given the verification code, I still ask "this is not a fraud is it sir?" Then I quibble, if I will check in the application mock what is the 7th anniversary. The phone is closed, I start to act to find info to relatives and friends. The result all say that this is a fraud. It's impossible for the Gojek to ask for our password. After a few minutes, the caller again terrorized me. Because I'm curious, the game still I continue.

Callers say there are two ways to withdraw money, through Go-pay or transfer via atm. I chose the transfer, I thought it's a shame if the money 2 million entered into Go-pay. I asked, what could half Gopay half signed into my account. The caller says he can not. According to him, even if transferred do not need to send account number. Simply enter the company code mock, passed our mobile number on the machine atm 607370856410xxxxx eg.

The caller again asked, how far my house to atm, using what bank account. I answer it, the distance is 10 minutes, I use Bank Mandiri account. Hearing that, the caller said if I just go to atm and should not call the phone because it will be guided pengisianya when at atm. I again quibble, "sorry sir I have not showered so I can go to the atm after bathing," The caller agreed, "please take a bath first," he said. At five-thirty the caller called back, and I firmly told her the gift was for somebody else, sir, Bye.

After that incident, at night I immediately contacted the customer service costumer Gojek and requested that my account be restored. Previously there has been a similar case that happened to my friend's brother around early October. So for the citizens of Kompasiana to be careful of the scam under the guise of Gojek. If it's like this, the company would lose. Hopefully no other victims after me.

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