Be Careful, Our Earth is Heat!

Be Careful, Our Earth is Heat!Beware the Heat The Heat

Maybe we already know together that the topic of Global Warming has become a very controversial conversation for many people. Experts differ on this point. In the past, there were many people who did not believe that the temperature or temperature of the earth increased significantly. Now, most have accepted that global warming (global warming) is indeed real.

Earth's temperature in the last century was indeed detected increased regularly. But you may be surprised to know that the increase is only about 1 degree in total. You know, a very small increase? Indeed! But anyway, a one-degree change produces major problems! Then, scientists are getting stunned, why are you surprised? Because global warming is lately happening faster than they predicted earlier.

The Earth that we live in like our bodies, it is necessary to stay within certain temperature limits to maintain survival. Like our body too, this earth has a natural mechanism (natural mechanism) to control the body temperature remains stable. It is called bomeostatis.

Simply put, let's look like this: Radiation of sunlight penetrates the earth's atmosphere, the heat enters and burns the earth. Of course, if the intense heat of the sun is permitted to directly penetrate the earth's atmosphere and sting us, we roast. Humans will be exactly salt fish dried in a week. Crisp and flattened. What keeps the sun roasting us? Ozone Layer! Ozone layer (ozone layer) on the outside of this atmosphere into a filter of sunlight. Ozone is what bounces off some harmful radiation from the ultra violet rays, while protecting the earth. In addition to ozone, magnetic fields also protect the Earth from solar electromagnetic energy.

In addition to what other sunlight that affects the heating of this earth? Many argue that human activity contributes enormously! Experts also justify, ranging from increasing numbers of cars, excessive use of electricity and using aerosol-containing materials add to the list of contributions to the greenhouse effect, one of the main drivers of global warming. Another thing that is often overlooked is the reforestation and replanting of deforested forests. If our bare heads might be okay, but if the bare forests would be dangerous, and of course the more the heats up the earth.

Trees help in reducing the effect of the greenhouse effect and also as a means of producing oxygen. Wilderness, also known as the lungs of the earth, is the main source of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. Today, the jungle is temporarily shelled on an unimaginable scale. Every second recorded humans shaved bald one and a half acres of jungle. If this continues, scientists predict that the entire wilderness on earth will be gone in 40 years. In the Guinness Book of World Records Indonesia is recorded as the fastest forest destroyer in the world, which is five football pitches per minute.

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On the other hand the excessive greenhouse effect is exacerbating the situation. Our activities are increasingly increasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, and CFCs.

CO2 has a huge contribution to the greenhouse effect of 50%. Even based on the report issued by the United Nations special report for emissions, that there will be increased concentration of 75-350% higher than preindustrial concentration.

What causes increase in CO2? Increasing number and population density, increasing number of motor vehicles, electricity usage and so on. We must also realize that the coal excavated within a year is the result of natural sediment for 400,000 years. It is no wonder that the earth is temporarily underwent, the drought, drought and drought are extraordinary.

Then more and more use of man-made chemicals in the form of CFCs used for refrigerators and air conditioners, fire extinguisher and so on. Although CFCs have a lower concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, but do not forget that they hold more heat, and CFCs stay in the atmosphere for up to 110 years. Imagine! This is why many environmental activists seek to ban or boycott the use of CFCs thoroughly and completely.Then what do we care about when the earth gets heated up? Of course we must care as long as we are still the inhabitants of this earth.

Global warming will definitely worsen and create global drought. Have not we witnessed how drought began to greet our earth with more diligence? In 1998, America suffered from the most severe heat and has had such devastating results in the last 50 years. Many farms failed miserably. In 2003, extreme hot weather was estimated to have killed not less than 35,000 people in Europe. In France alone, nearly 15,000 people died from such a great heat, reaching the hottest point at 104 degrees Fahrenheit! Currently Indonesia is temporarily entering the dry season, and predicted to be more severe than last year.

The year 2007 also witnessed a heart-wrenching drought that occurred in the southern part of America. The heat was so close that the government had to shut down some nuclear reactors due to lack of water as the main coolant cores from the various reactors. Then had exit the ban on excessive use of water in some states such as New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia and others. My colleagues had joked at that time so that who usually bathe 2 times a day, for a while enough to bathe 2 times a week.

Well, face the issue of the heating of the earth, what is our contribution to the earth where we stand this?

Plant new trees, do reforestation. Green environment. Go green. Try to reflect ourselves, in terms of greenness our environment is still far less than Malaysia which if not mistaken last year ranked 26th in the world. We are still in position 102.

Save with water, even if it's a free well water. On the face of this earth is indeed a lot of water, but only 1% can be drunk. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. The leaky toilet is expected to dispose or spew water as much as 200 gallons per day, fix it leak!

Do not leave a room with lights or electronic appliances that light up. Reuse the used coffee cups. Use plastic groceries as often as possible instead of buying new ones. Do not throw the scars indiscriminately, because the plastic material is difficult to decompose on the ground. Save with the use of plastic materials and Styrofoam because the garbage is difficult to decompose.

If you can walk or cycle, do not use a motor vehicle to reduce CO2 scattered in the air. Unless you are going to Bogor Peak area of ??Kelapa Gading Jakarta, do not try to walk if not ordinary.

Wherever possible use a pumped sprayer, not aerosol spray, because aerosols are also ozone-damaging.

Remember and do these three words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! (3R).

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